Summer Dance Intensive in Cuba

TEADE 2018

TEADE 7th Edition - July 8-15 , 2018


Artistic Director Jose Angel Carret

Supported by :

Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba ( UNEAC)

Provincial Culture- Art Council ( Cuba)

Provincial Enterprise of the Music ‘Rafael Somavilla ‘( Cuba)

Vocational School of Art “Alfonso Perez Isaac”from Matanzas ,Cuba


Asociation Saiz Brothers AHS

A week of Workshops in Classical Ballet , Modern , Contemporary, Dance Afro-Cuban and Cuban Popular Dance such as Salsa, Cha-Cha , Mambo , Son - Shows –Conferences and the opportunity to perform for cuban audiencies in Matanzas,Cuba

Dates: July 8-15

** Arrival date Saturday July 7, 2018

Open to :

* Dance students (13 years +)

*Professional dancers




* Music students ( percussion)

TEADE 2018 ( Temporada Espacio Abierto para la Danza y el Espectaculo)

Sunday, July 8th, 9am

Matanzas, Cuba


"TEADE is a week long international summer intensive event open for professional dancers, dance students, choreographers and musicians who want to experience a unique cultural exchange while nurturing their skills under the instruction of Master Cuban teachers from across the island.

TEADE will be hosted in the city of Matanzas or what is popularly known as "the Athens of Cuba, city of poets and bridges." There will be daily dance workshops, conferences and evening shows to facilitate the exchange between local and international artists.

Professional dancers and choreographers will also have the unique opportunity to work with Cuban dancers to either develop choreography or perform for Cuban audiences during one of the many evening events planned across the city.

Dance and Music Students ( 13 years +) Professional Dancers and Musicians will receive:

Daily Dance Workshops in :

Modern, Contemporary , Afro-Cuban and Popular Cuban Dance.

Ballet, Conditioning ,Composition of Choreography . Classes are taught by Master Cuban teachers . TEADE also offers conferences, evening shows and the opportunity to perform and work with guest choreographers .

Included :

*Five Dance Classes per six days

*Lunch for July 8-13 (with traditional Cuban meals)

*Trip to Varadero ‘beach,lunch included.

* A closing gala and party.

* Daily transportation to the dance studios at Escuela Vocacional de Arte (EVA )

* Evening Shows ( cocktails included)

* Conferences

Not provided:

· Run trip airfare to the airport of Varadero ,Cuba.


· Breakfast, Dinner .

· Taxis from and to the airport

A tuition scholarship for TEADE 2019 will be given to a Cuban and to an International student , at the closing gala Saturday 14.

All participants must travel as a tourist ( visa provided by the airline) and with travel insurance .

Arrival date Saturday July 7, 2017

Option for meals:

1-At House to rent:

Cost: $CUC 5,00 per breakfast $CUC 8,00 per dinner all included

2-At local restaurants in the city of Matanzas for $CUC 2., 0 to $ CUC 4,00 per meal approximately.

· Taxis from and to the airport: ( taxis cost $CUC 25,00 to $CUC 30,00)

All participants must travel as a tourist ( visa provided by the airline) and with travel insurance .

· Dateline for registration June 18 , 2018.

· Tuition Cost: CUC ( Convertible Cuban Pesos )

Early Bird promotion:

CUC$450.00 ( by May 20 ,2018)

CUC$515.00 After May 20 to June 18, 2018)

Private classes :

CUC$35 per class

Tuition must be paid by June 18, 2018

To receive the application form, schedule and more information contact by :

Email: Phone : 1-905-617-2037 (Canadá)

Intensive week of Dance Workshops , Conferences , Shows and more in Matanzas, Cuba

TEADE ' Artistic Director Bio

Jose Angel Carret - TEADE Founder Artistic Director / awarded principal dancer, teacher and choreographer from Cuba, Jose Angel Carret created more than 50 works over his 28 years career as a principal dancer and choreographer. First shared his dance style, experience and heritage with Canadian audiences as a guest dancer with Decidedly Jazz dance Works Calgary 2005,later on with Dance Immersion’ Erie Music Festival 2010 and The International Conference for Blacks in Dance 2012, Newton Moraes Dance Theatre 2010, and has been a guest teacher and choreographer for Ballet Creole Company and School since 2008. Guest Choreographer for Ballet Jorgen ‘Solos and Duets 2011-12. Since 2014 he is a Dance Instructor at Stars Onstage Dance and Performing Arts . Jose is the Founder Artistic Director of Danza Corpus ( Cuba) and Danza Corpus Canada (DCC). DCC was awarded with the Aboriginal and Culturally Diverse Training Grant (2014-15-16) and Mr Carret was selected by the Ontario Arts Council to be an advisor for the Operational grants 2016 . Last September Mr Carret was a guest teacher at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston Salem , USA . Carret is also founder artistic director of The Carret Dance Conservatory ( 2017 - Toronto - Canada)

TEADE is open for guest choreographers !


Choreographers will create a 5 minute piece with selected dancers and have rehearsals for at least two hours per day from Sunday 10 , their piece will be performed during the closing show on Saturday 15 . Free attendance to daily classes and evening events as well as the chance to present your work and company / and or perform during one of the evenings shows.

Professional dancers :

Dancers will audition for the Gala Show that will take place on Saturday July 14th, 2018.

Dancers can attend dance classes, conferences, evening events and shows with the opportunity to perform a solo on one of the evening shows. Note: evening shows might be outdoors; therefore the use of shoes will be required.

** At the closing gala the organizing committee will give a tuition scholarship for TEADE 2018 to a Cuban and to a foreign student.

If a student is not able to attend in 2018 the scholarship cannot be redeem in future years

** Arrival date Saturday July 7, 2017

Guest Companies and Artists

Dance Companies and Guest artists invited :

The Chimera Project , Canada

Danza Libre , Guantanamo , Cuba

Danza Fragmentada, Cuba

Teatro Giron , Matanzas

Newton Moraes , The Newton Moraes Dance Theatre

Patrick Parson , Ballet Creole , Canada

Stars and Stage Dance and Performing Arts , Caledonia , Canada .

Alma Flamenca , Matanzas

Carmen Romero Company , Matanzas

Ache Danza , Matanzas

Danza del Teatro del Caribe , Santiago de Cuba

Baila Cuba, Villa Clara

Escuela Vocacional de Arte de Matanzas (EVA)Matanzas

Dr Bonnie Robson , Canada

Mercedes Bernardez, Canada