Chinese Ghost Cities


Why are they here?

  • The whole reason China is building these entire cities with virtually no one living there is in hope that the rural population moves into the bigger cities. China has spent billions of dollars on building these cities with no one living in them and possible no one ever living in them. There are 3 ways china is building more urban areas. New cities, new districts, and townification. Townification is taking the small villages and building a small urban center around the place. More than 40% of the 300 million people that are moving into the cities, but not the big booming skyscraper cities the small urban ones like Des Moines.
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How can we help?

There is almost nothing we can do to stop. China is looking ahead because since 1990 chinas urban population has grown from 26% to 54% and is projected by 2030 chinas urban population will be at about 70%, thats about 1 billion people living in these cities. China is planning ahead. Already some farmers have bought apartments or houses in these cities but have not yet moved in. So as long as china keeps growing you can expect more and more of these cities to be built.