Second Grade Newsletter's cold out there!

Important Dates to Remember

We hope everyone had a great Winter Break! We are excited to kick off 2018 in the classroom with many exciting topics in math, reading, social studies, science and writing! Here are some important dates this month:

Monday, Jan. 15th: No School

Thursday, Jan. 25th: PTO Game Night 6:00-8:00

Friday, Jan. 26th: 2 Hour Early Dismissal

Monday, Jan. 29th: Schools Closed

Tuesday, Jan. 30th: Beginning Quarter 3

Click on the link above for helpful information regarding Math Unit 6!


In math classes we are continuing our exploration of strategies used for addition and subtraction. We have been working with using NUMBER LINE! We encourage all students to become proficient using the number line strategy in both addition and subtraction. We will also be working with story problems that are one and two steps. Within Unit 6 we are learning about measurement and using our knowledge of time to help us solve word problems.



Reading classes will be spending the next few weeks working with Point of View and character studies including character traits and character motivations. We will be working on comparing and contrasting our characters to delve deeper into the psyche of each character. We are learning to look critically at the author's purpose for writing fiction and informational texts and determine how they are similar and how they are different. Students are always encouraged to go back to the text to find proof for their responses.

Write on!


We began our Informational writing with ‘how to write like a scientist’ and continued with procedural (how to) writing for our readers. This month in writing we will finish our unit on informational texts. Students will have a chance to apply all of the tools of an informational writer that they have learned over the course of this unit. We cannot wait to read their biographies, landmarks, and/or animal texts!

Weinberg Center For the Arts

Friday, Feb. 9th, 12am

20 West Patrick Street

Frederick, MD

Weinberg Field Trip Permission Forms

Our field trip to the Weinberg will be Friday, February 9, 2018. Permission slips went home January 3 with more information. If you are interested in being a chaperone you can complete that section of the permission slip! We have been allotted 4 chaperones per class that will ride the bus with us to the Weinberg.


Classrooms always need extra tissues this time of year. If you have any boxes to spare, please consider donating some to a classroom. Thank you!

Cold Weather Reminder

Cold Weather Reminder!

Just a reminder that as the weather gets colder, students will need to have a jacket to participate in recess. If they do not have a coat, they will not be able to go outside on cold days. We want to keep everyone healthy! If students are missing jackets, they are encouraged to check the lost and found!

Please Check Agendas Daily

A reminder to please check agendas daily as we color our colors to communicate with parents about behavior as well as any important notes. We thank you!