The U.S.A will be going in to a zombie Apocalypse.

Read to keep safe

Where will you go?

Interior Lowlands-

Interior Lowlands - This is the one that is you are smart you will pick.Not many people are there and then less zombies. There will food already grown. Has rivers for drinking water. If you want to grow more food you can with Fertile soil. Flat land easy to run away if zombies find you there but they will not.

Appalachian highlands-

Appalachian highlands-This area where the government is that means more people. the lights will make more zombies come. Attracts people,family's family's mean there are more people little kids.

Zombies will be able to go throw the Appalachian Mountains. Oldest mountains in the north it would be better to have flat land that is easyer to run on. Popular area lot of Traffic. attacks more people that also means more zombies will come. At the same time they have the stuff to fight the zombies

Basin and Range-

Basin and range -has dry area so you would be hot. Less water then most places. little food you can not grow food there of the dry land that they have.

Some good things is more stores to go out also has big area.

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North Carolina Waterfalls

North Caroline

You will need stuff to hunt dear with. You may also need fishing poles and worms as bate if you want fish to eat. Then you will stuff to have a fair.You will need some type of weapons for deer and zombies if they come. It is best for you, It has high land fun fact zombies can not climb. Has water to swim away from zombies or use it for drinking water. Other fun fact zombies can not swim.

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A farm In The Interior Lowlands


To go to a farm you will not need that much stuff. You will need a pillow or something to sleep in. You may want a tent that is up to who is staying there I would.For food you are already on a farm so there will be food.There will also be water to drink. Why would you want to go here is it is an area that has little people.

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Washington State Scenery

Washington State

Here you can enjoy a nice view as you are safe.

Bring your fishing pole and a glass cup. Water for fishing and drinking. High area to look down and see what or who is coming.Like said you have water to swim,fish or drink.

Tall area to look down at zombies. You can use trees as fire wood and make a fire to worm you up or just use as light to see.