Eno River Academy High School

2016-17 Second Quarter, Elizabeth Tricomi- School Counselor

Eno River Academy High School Counselor Website

Please check our new website by clicking on the button above! This website has been created for you to see the lessons your students are having in advisory, timeline of grade-level activities, and other resources from the school counselor.

New website for Scholarship & Enrichment Information

There is also a link on the High School Counselor page to this website. I will be sending emails to students about opportunities, but you can also see them on this website.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

We continue to learn ways to change our words to develop our growth mindset.
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Classroom Guidance & Advisory Lessons from 2nd Quarter

November 7th-- Résumé or Vitae

November 21st--Giving Thanks and Giving Back

December 5th--Confident Me

Link to PDFs of all advisory lessons in 1st semester (located on ERA School Counselor Website: http://erahighschoolcounselor.weebly.com/9th-grade.html

Career Activities in November

CFNC Meetings--Met with every student to create personal CFNC accounts and completed a career interest inventory

Ask Me About It? Staff posts sign on their doors of colleges they attended

Financial Aid Night--November 15th 6:30 at High School

Career Day 2016--November 16th at High School, students get to hear about 3 different careers.

Here are our special Career Day guests!!!

Eno River Academy High School hosts PLC for counselors at Charter Schools

On October 28th, ERA was thrilled to host eight other charter school counselors around the triangle for a Professional Learning Community (PLC). We are learning from each other to make our own school counseling programs the best they can be!

NCSCA Conference

I was able to attend the conference in Greensboro on November 3rd! I got some terrific new ideas for our students. I also saw ERA's comprehensive school counseling program featured in the graduate student posters!

Lunchtime Activities

Our students (and staff!) love to play during our lunchtime. We are very appreciative of any sporting equipment!

Food Pantry Success but it is starting to run low

Thank you so much to all of you who have donated to the food pantry! It is helping out many students and families. We are currently running very low on many items. So please consider making a contribution. Also, if your family is in need of support, please contact Mrs. Tricomi.

Kindness Campaign Continues

We have been adding additional facts about kindness to our bulletin board. Students also still are contributing their acts of kindness!

Random Acts of Kindness

Operation Gratitude

We teamed up with the K-8 families and collected extra candy to send to US troops!
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Darius Goes West

Random Acts of Kindness views the documentary "Darius Goes West". Here is a summary:


Thanksgiving Pie Sale

Random Acts of Kindness organized a homemade pie sale where all the proceeds go to benefit the family of a 16 year old boy, Lucas Pennachi who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – or cancer of the lymphatic system in August. After months at Duke Hospital, Lucas and his family, found themselves navigating medical tests, chemotherapy and radiation. His family – Mom, Dad, and younger brother Victor are hopeful Lucas will make a full recovery.

We raised $450 for Lucas' family!!! Thank you for your support!

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Spirit Week! Even our staff likes to participate!

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