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November 2, 2018

ACE Score

Two weeks ago in our book talks many of our discussions centered on the ACES test and how that score really translates the trauma our students have experienced. For those who didn't have a discussion about this test here is a quick video that summarizes this assessment and how it can be used. Many of you have had training on ACES but in case you haven't this quick video will catch you up on what many of your colleagues discussed in conjunction with the books they were reading.

Results from the Audit

If you are like me you are eager to see how Lincoln did in our audit. I will have more information regarding how the district did, and hopefully how well we did, after the Leadership meeting with the superintendent on Wednesday. I will keep you posted on our feedback as soon as I receive any!

Nulification of LOE scores for the 17-18 SY

Teachers, I'm still learning about this process that has been afforded teachers who have a higher LOE score for the 16-17 SY as compared to the 17-18 SY. Below is an excerpt from the TEAM newsletter that was brought to administrators attention by Jennifer Guthrie. Your decision to nullify your LOE score from the 17-18 SY is personal and done at the school level. If you are interested in this process please see me/email me and I will follow the procedures in order get that done. This process must be completed by November 30th. As I get more information I will pass it along.

From the TEAM Newsletter:

This past spring, the General Assembly passed Public Chapter 1026, which added a new section to the law stating the following: “No adverse action may be taken against any student, teacher, school, or LEA based, in whole or in part, on student achievement data generated from the 2017-18 TNReady assessments.” To comply with the legislation, teachers and principals who have 2017-18 TNReady data included in their LOE (district-level TVAAS, school-level TVAAS, individual TVAAS, or TNReady-related achievement measure) may choose to nullify their entire evaluation score (LOE) for the 2017-18 school year at their discretion. For more information to guide decision-making around nullification, view the FAQ here. (I'm not sure the link will work off the Smore's platform. If not let me know)

An educator’s decision to nullify the LOE can be made independently or in consultation with his/her evaluator during the evaluation summative conference. Nullification is completed by the educator in the TNCompass platform. The deadline for an educator to nullify his/her LOE is midnight CT on Nov. 30. A detailed guidance document for managing and utilizing this process can be found here.

Testing Updates From The Desk Of Michael Hubbard

Item Release Posted to Livebinders

Released assessment items from the 2017-18 TNReady assessment will be posted to Livebinders (here) by end of day, Nov. 1. This will include content areas in EOC, grades 3-8, TCAP-Alt, and grade 2.

Faculty Meeting--NOVEMBER 12

Our next faculty meeting will be used to review behavior data from our Goggle form and CICO forms. We will also discuss the rubric from the Tennessee State Behavior Project and our next steps.


As we prepare for Thanksgiving we will be completing Thank-You-Grams to be delivered in the day's before Thanksgiving break. In your plans, you may want to a lot time for students to compete the writing for the gram the closer we get to the end of the month. Since many of you plan well in advance, I wanted to remind you about allotting time to complete this project.

Kudos to Fall Festival

Thank you to Marsha for all her work to ensure that we had a great afternoon. Her work with the PTO and outside partners made the afternoon a wonderful event for all. Thank you to all of the teachers and staff who helped make the changes necessary to support the soft lock down as seamless as possible.