Otis Amber

62, Delivery Boy

Otis Amber is from the book The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Read more about Otis below.

Who is Otis Amber?

Otis Amber is a 62 year-old delivery boy. He is also the head of the party. He is always full of energy and laughter. Just give him a call from newspapers to giant 5 billion pound boxes and he will be there.

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One Meaning full Passage

"Boom!" Otis Amber shouted as the intern hurried by.

"Idiot," muttered Denton Deere.

What this passage shows us is that many people think that Otis is a dumb guy and they are actually right proven by this next passage.

The next Meaning Full Passage!!!


OTIS JOSEPH AMBER. Age: 62. Delivery boy. Fourth-grade dropout. IQ: 50. Lives in the basement of Green's Grocery. A bachelor. No living relatives.

Westing connection: Delivered letters from E. J. Plum, Attorney, both times.

What this passage shows us is that the people who think he is dumb are actually right.

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The Most Meaningful Passage

Otis Amber seems to be a dumb delivery boy but he may be less dumb than we thought proven by this meaning full passage.

Judge Ford instructed the witness to remove his aviators helmet. His gray hair was tousled but barbered. "And play your gun in custody of the court."

"Oh my!" Flora Baumbach gasped as Otis Amber unzipped his plastic jacket, pulled out a revolver from his shoulder holster, and handed it to the judge, who locked the gun in her desk drawer. Turtle was as startled as the other tenants. "Mr. Amber," she began bravely, " it seems we are not all who we say we are. In other words, who exactly are you?"

"I am a licensed private investigator."

"Then why were you disguised as an idiot delivery boy?"

"It was my disguise."

So as you can see Otis Amber is not who we all thought he was.

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Otis Amber's Internal Conflict

I think that Otis Amber's internal conflict is that he feels bad about lying about who he really is.
The Pink Panther Theme Song (Original Version)

The Reason I Chose This Song

I chose this song because, while I know the pink panther was a jewell thief, thats not why or anywhere near why I chose this song. I picked this song because the pink panther was very sneaky because he was a jewel thief and so was Otis Amber about being a private investigator.