Poston Resort

Why choose Poston Resort?

Are you tried of working all the time and need a relaxing, long vacation? Poston has the best summer weather and nicest sand of any other resort. We have decor and housing that will remind you of the home you had to sell so you won't miss anything. There are four families to a building, so our resort is very social. Our main focus is health and teamwork. There is many different activities to occupy your time. The women and men can participate in calm, relaxing activities like theater, gardening, sports, and pampering. The children can play together at our day care, enjoy our tutoring classes, go skating and swimming. We guarantee you will leave this resort with a smile on your face, or you won't want to leave at all!

Don't Miss Your Chance!

Everyone whos been here loves Poston. With all of our great reviews, we have decided to relocate to a bigger place. We will be moving November 28th, so hurry up before you miss out!