Oaxaca (Oh-Haka)

A city in Mexico

By Danny (Carlos) and Colton (Taco)

Oaxaca Location

Oaxaca is located in the southern region of Mexico.

Major Mountains and Rivers

Sierra Madre de Oaxaca and the Sierra Atravesada which is called the Oaxaca Complex (Complejo Oaxaqueno). It is know by a lot of other names such as the Sierra de Miahuatlan and the Sierra de la Garza. It is a mountain range that runs through Oaxaca and it's heights reach up to 2,000 meters (6,565 ft) high and runs up and down the Northwestern coast all the way down to the Southeastern coast. There are no major rivers in Oaxaca because of these mountain ranges but there are many smaller rivers which are named from the location they are found at.


Historical Facts

1. Hernán Cortés founded Oaxaca in 1824.

2. There are 16 indigenous groups in Oaxaca, but there are hundreds of normal sized groups in Oaxaca.

3. Tourism is the principal industry in Oaxaca


Most Popular Food Dish

The most popular food dish is Tlayudus.

Famous Landmark

This is the Santo Domingo de Guzmán in Oaxaca. It was a old monastery that is now a main tourist attraction


There are two seasons in Oaxaca. There is a warm season and a cold season. The warm season lasts from March 23 to May 18 and it’s average temperatures reach to about 87 degrees. The hottest day of the year would be April 26th with a high in about the 90’s to 100’s. The cold season lasts from June 21 to February 1st and it’s average high is below 78 degrees. The coldest day of the year would be January 10th with an average low of 49 degrees. Precipitation varies throughout the year but the most would occur during the warm season and the beginning of the cold season. 43% of the time it will be thunderstorms. 29% of the time it will be moderate rain. 21% of the time it will be light rain. 5% of the time it will be a drizzle. 1% of the time it will be heavy rain, and 0.000001% of the time it is snow. Humidity reaches a high during the warm season and is very muggy and hot but the humidity drops during the cold season.