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North Elementary School- March 17, 2016

Duties for the week of March 21

MORNING DUTY: Karly, Julie Stoehr, Kim Bowden, Cissy, Barb


BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION/LOUNGE DUTY: Debbie, Katie, Stephanie, Teri, Becky Loethen, Linda Asher (March and June Birthdays)

YEE HAWS!!!!! = 27

Duties for the week of March 28

MORNING DUTY: Grade 5 (ABC only)


BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION/LOUNGE DUTY: Debbie, Katie, Stephanie, Teri, Becky Loethen, Linda Asher (March and June Birthdays)

YEE HAWS!!!!! = 27

Calendar of Events

Thursday, March 17

  • Staff Spirit Day- Wear Green
  • MAP Test Administrator Meeting at 7:30 am at Dix Road (Barb and Julie Stoehr)
  • Tornado Drill at 1:30 pm

Friday, March 18

  • Donuts with Dad from 7-8 am in the gym
  • Blue Ribbon Writing Papers due to Fariba by 3:00 pm please
  • Send home Brag Tag Assembly Notes for parents

Saturday, March 19

  • Happy Wedding Day, Janna!

Monday, March 21

  • Barb out in the morning
  • IEP (4G) at 9:00 am in the office (Cissy will LEA)
  • RED/IEP (1D) at 1:30 pm in the office
  • Service Plan at 3:15 pm in the office

Tuesday, March 22

  • Pay Day
  • 4th grade trip to Missouri State Archives 8:30 am-11:30 am
  • 4th grade and 1st grade switch planning times Gr. 1- 8:55-9:45 am; Gr. 4- 1:20-2:10 pm
  • Notables Assembly at 1:30 pm in the gym- all invited
  • Staff Meeting- cancelled
  • Notables Concert at 7:00 pm in the gym

Wednesday, March 23

  • Happy Birthday, Amy Backes!
  • Brag Tag Assembly grade 3-5 at 9:00 am in the gym
  • Brag Tag Assembly grade K-2 at 10:00 am in the gym
  • RED (PRE-K) at 12:30 pm Location????

Thursday, March 24- Monday, March 28

  • Spring Break! No School!

Friday, March 25

  • Happy Birthday, Jason!

Monday, March 28

  • Happy Birthday, Karly!

Tuesday, March 29

  • School Resumes
  • Blue Ribbon Writing Party at 9:00 am in Room 110

Wednesday, March 30

  • Fast Math Demonstration at 4:00 pm at Dix Road (Amy Brewer and Stephanie)

Thursday, March 31

  • Last Day for Trustworthy Books
  • Storyteller assembly grades K-2 at 1:00 pm in the gym
  • Storyteller assembly grades 3-5 at 1:30 pm in the gym
  • PTO Family Game Night from 6:00-7:30 pm

Friday, April 1

  • 5th grade fishing trip
  • Summer School Teaching Applications Due in Talent Ed
  • Blue Ribbon Writing Papers due to Fariba by 3:00 pm please

Happy March Birthdays to:

7- Donna Robinson

8- Cheryl Stoner

9- Linda Renn

10- Deidre Mueller

12- Amy Brewer

23- Amy Backes

25- Jason Starke

28- Karly Berendzen

Due Dates

  • Online Health Risk Assessment Surveys are to be completed by March 31, 2016. (See email from Becky Pfenenger dated February 16 for information.)
  • Applications for Summer School Teachers are due in Talent Ed by Friday, April 1.
  • Summer School student enrollment forms due to the office by Friday, April 8.

For Upcoming Newsletters:

  • Donuts with Dad on Friday, March 18 from 7:00-8:00 am
  • Spring Picture Orders are due by Wednesday, March 23.
  • Brag Tag Assemblies on Wednesday, March 23; Grades 3-5 at 9:00 am; Grades K-2 at 10:00 am
  • Spring Break is March 24-28
  • School Resumes on March 29
  • PTO Family Game NIght on Thursday, March 31 from 6:00 -7:30 pm
  • Summer School Student Enrollment forms due to the office by Friday, April 8.

State-wide Tornado Drill

The State-wide Tornado Drill has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 17 at 1:30 pm. We need to have a second go at the drill. Please discuss the procedures for this drill with your class on Thursday. Key is quick and silent.... If we can get kindergarten, first, second, and third between Kindergarten rooms and the office, that would be best. Fourth and fifth- this means you need to hold your lines until second and third have gone by. Fourth and fifth would be between the kitchen door and room 110. Let's try this on Thursday afternoon.

Donuts with Dad

Donuts with Dad is Friday, March 18, beginning at 7:00 AM. Come early for a parking place and a donut....and wear your North School Shirts!

Third Quarter Brag Tag Assembly

Information will be put in your mailbox regarding the Brag Tag Assemblies next week. Please be sure to come to the assembly alphabetically by last name so that you are seated correctly!

SRI and FRA end of year testing

If you remember- EVERYONE has to take the SRI (FRA for kindergarten) during the final 3 week test window which begins on April 28. Also remember that you cannot give the test within 30 days of previously giving the test. This means you will want to watch your calendar dates. To be "safe" my suggestion would be to not give these tests during the month of April.

What is Bullying?

After looking over our "WE Surveys" at our March 4 Professional Development Day and determining that the topic of bullies/bullying is a concern in our building, you were given several items to use in the classroom as the basis of discussion. I just want to keep the topic in the forefront of our thoughts.

According to Board Policy, this is a definition:

Bullying is defined as intimidation or harassment of a student or multiple students perpetuated by individuals or groups. Bullying includes, but is not limited to: physical actions, including violence, gestures, theft, or damaging property; oral or written taunts, including name-calling, put-downs, extortion, or threats; or threats of retaliation for reporting such acts. Bullying may also include cyberbullying or cyberthreats. Cyberbullying is sending or posting harmful or cruel text or images using the internet or other digital communication devices. Cyberthreats are online materials that threaten or raise concerns about violence against others, suicide or self-harm.

"At Risk" support for students

The leadership team had some conversation at our last meeting about support for "at risk students" and several of you have provided names to me. Ironically, the names provided to me are not on the list of our "statistically" at risk students. The leadership team needs to do a little more work on exactly what we might be looking to accomplish. We'll visit about this at our next leadership team meeting and look to implement something next school year.
Register for a Health Screen Appointment

Click here to register for a health screening appointment.

MAP Testing Resources Link

Click here to access all of the resources for preparing for the MAP test.


  • Weekly entries should be made into Infinite Campus in each subject area.
  • Be sure to keep your websites up-to-date!
  • I would like copies of all classroom newsletters. These can be sent to me electronically or a paper copy in my mailbox.
  • Please continue to use the clip up tickets, Safe, Respectful, and Responsible Compliment cards (or verbal compliments) keeping the 4:1 in mind!

Please clean projector filters on Fridays!

Keep sending Quad D questions & activities!

"Get Your Learn On!" ~ Kid President

Immature gestures for the debate stage….

Being trustworthy is to be someone who can be counted on.

Be Safe~Be Respectful~Be Responsible