The Algerian times

By: Aaron Dittmer


Older section of Algerian cities.

This relates to mine cause it talking about Algeria.

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Process used to make sea water drinkable.

This relates to Algeria cause Algeria is by the ocean.

Alluvial plain

Area that is built up by rich fertile soil left by river floods.

This relates to Algeria because they have rivers too.

Where's the sand!

A. It is the largest desert in the world.

B. Sahara means desert.

C. The Sahara is about the size of the United states of America.

This relates to Algeria because the Sahara Covers large parts of Algeria.

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Want the water!

It seperates the Sonia peninsula from the rest of Egypt.

Egyptians and Europeans built the canal.

They built the canal in the mid 1860s.

This relates to algeria becaus the suez canal goes through algeria.

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OPEC it up!

OPEC means organization of petroleum exporting countries.

It increases the income of oil.

This relates to algeria cause they us this in Algeria.

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