Trinda Williams

my personality

my personality animal

My personality animal is an otter. An otter is very energetic creature that always has overflowing energy. Otters are very intelligent and bright and are always doing something. Otters are popular, and very lovable. An otter likes to show off its very well developed social skills. Also, otters are scared to be wrong so they depend on others.

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my color

My personality color is blue, blue means "lets work together." In detail, this means that I like to include people in the group and I can always make the group work together and come together as a whole. Blue personality can be very emotional, but also agreeable and loving. Blues tend to avoid conflict and just agree. Usually if a person is blue, their feelings come first and always try to have a friendly welcoming.

my strengths

  • talkative, storyteller
  • lives in the present
  • thinks up new activities
  • makes friends easily
  • seems exciting


  • design
  • surfing the web
  • swimming
  • cuddling
  • reading

infunece on the class

After all of the personality tests, i am basically the social one that tries to include everyone. i can influence my group in a positive way by making sure everyone is included in the activity. Also my type can help because they like to avoid conflict, and make sure everyone understands the activity. i can influence my group by making everyone work and keep on topic but have fun too. I can help students understand the subject no matter how long it takes because my personality type has lots of patients.

The otter video

In the otter video you will see that otters in joy always being busy and playful. Otters always want something to do and this video shows that. Also it shows that otters like to come up with new things to do such as play with rocks.