red river cart


often used a cart called a red river cart to get to there homesteads.the cart is made out of wood.the parts were held together with wooden pegs and strips of rawhide.strips of rawhide rapped around the wooden wheel was a strong cart but it was lighter than most of the wagons.there were no roads just prairies when the first settlers arrived.there wagons and carts broke down easy and they where easy to fix.


at first the people only needed travelon horseback as they had not settled the red river valley becamemore populated people needed a reliable way of transporting things becausehorses alone could not carry some of the heavyer loads.although these carts where the first in the red river valley for heavey transportation they where not the first cart to be found in these country.


the cart is very simailar to the carts brought scottish and the french settlers

importance to settling the west