Definition and Tips

Before an Earthquake Hits

Before an earthquake hits, pick a safe place like a workplace or a school.

Tip 1 During

During an earthquake if your by a bed go on the bed and get a pillow.
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Tip 2 During

During that if you are indoors stay inside till the earthquake is gone.
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Tip 3 During

be under a safe place and hold your head.
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Tip 1 After

you feel an aftershock just down and hold your head.

Tip 2 After

Check yourself for injuies and cuts blood.
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Tip 3 After

Watch out for fallen power lines or gas lines
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Tip Before

pick a safe place like workplace or a school.
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Definition and where it happen?

When the ground move and shakes.

Most earthquakes happen along the edge of the oceanic and continental plates. After 80% is by the Pacific Ocean.

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