My Krazy Life

Yoni? Or Jonah? Whatever you want


Hey, Jonah!

How are things going? I hope you still like superheroes and I hope that the backyard looks pretty. Don't forget how important it was to you and Abba! He told me that they will grow as fast as me, but I think I can beat them!

Love, killa.

Rite of Passage

Normal rites of passage would be a Bar Mitzvah, or getting their first car. Mine was so much better. When I was younger, I was very skinny because everything I ate gave me excruciating pain in my stomach. The doctors never found anything, and still I have pains, but I eventually figured out what I can eat. I was able to eat bread and only bread. Therefore, I ate an extraordinary amount and gained an obscene amount of weight. As sad as it is, I maintained this for a few years. After my Bar Mitzvah, my brother dragged me to the gym and told me of his adventures with girls, and how if I work out, I can have those same experiences. Once I heard such stories, I was devoted. I lost 50 pounds and gained many more of muscle. This was my rite of passage, as I was a completely different person now than I was 5 years ago.


Pursuit Of Happiness (nightmare) (Album Version (Explicit)) by Cudderland

Yoni Gavish

If by Yoni Gavish


This poem speaks about how life isn't right, yet we need to learn to love and accept that. It speaks of how great life would be if the past was present, and the false was true. But that is not how life is, and I have learned to appreciate that recently. We can't get everything we want in life, but we can get pretty damn close.


I saw a consistent theme of "nice shoes," and "sauve." I loved hearing those things, they definitely put a smile on my face. When I got home and opened the envelope, I saw a ton of papers. I read through all of them, realizing that many members of my family also wrote their perceptions and nice things about me. I discovered that my mom took it upon herself to reach out to everyone in the family and ask them to write those nice things. Therefore they are all on my vision board.
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Hey Big Guy

What's up, little man? It's me, Yoni. You didn't need to choose a name for yourself because you can be happy with both that you have. Life most definitely gets better, and you become even smarter! Don't be scared about growing up, because it's amazing, but cherish every moment.