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According to Encyclopedia Britannica, your reference background, Connecticut was one of the original thirteen states and is one of the six New England States. It is located in the northeastern corner of the country. Connecticut is the third smallest state, but one of the most densely populated.


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Connecticut History Mentor Texts

The Connecticut Colony by Kevin Cunningham
Connecticut by Ann Heinrichs
The Connecticut Colony by Muriel L. Dubois
N is for Nutmet: A Connecticut Alphabet by Elissa Grodin
Connecticut Curiosities by Susan Campbell
It Happened in Connecticut by Diana Ross McCain
Connecticut Trivia by Frank Abate
The Colony of Connecticut: A Primary Source History by Jake Miller
Connecticut by Nancy Furstinger
Connecticut: The Constitution State by Robin Koontz

These books are just the start of your Connecticut researching adventures! Head over to the 900s section in our library for more texts which may match your specific research question.


Connecticut History Review
Connecticut History


These are a links which contain information about Connecticut in general as well as a few selected, notable people and events.

Connecticut History
Information about towns, topics, and people - a great starting place

Connecticut History Online
Photos showcasing our state's events of historical significance

Early Connecticut History
Colonial history

Encyclopedia article with detailed information on many aspects of government, life, and history

Mark Twain
An author who lived in Connecticut - his house/museum is in Hartford

Noah Webster History
An expert speller - his house/museum is in West Hartford

Hartford Circus Fire
A tragic event in Connecticut's history - investigated using primary and secondary sources

Ella Tambussi Grasso
Connecticut's first female Governor

The Connecticut State Capitol
Located in Hartford, the Capitol building is the center for the government's work in our state

Connecticut History
From early Connecticut to important dates and today

The 50 States - Connecticut

Fast facts to spark your research

Museum of Connecticut History

CT Visit

CT State Department of Education - Social Studies

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Connecticut Destinations Map
Important places and sights to see in our state

Governor Jodi Rell on Ella Grasso
Video with history on Connecticut's first woman Governor

Connecticut State Parks and Forests
Find a State Park or Forest

Connecticut - 1950s Cities Educational Film
A video from more than sixty years ago with a peek at our state at that time