What are they?

What is a magnet?

A magnet is a material that has its component atoms ordered so that the material has properties of magnetism, such as attracting or repelling other magnets.
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What is magnetic field?

Magnetic field is is the region of magnetic influence around a magnetic pole.
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Magnetic Forces

Magnetic force between magnets is the attraction of unlike or like magnetic poles either causing them to repel or attract.

Magnet use 1

Magnets are used in MRI machines. There are superconducting magnet rings that work with the brain to gather pictures of that persons brain.
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Magnet use 2

Magnetism is also used in nail polish. You apply the nail polish and then you use a magnet and move it around right above your wet fingernail and it makes patterns using magnetism.
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Magnet use 3

Magnets are used in compasses that are in cars. The compass follows the poles of the earth.
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