Hamilton Boys' High School - Term 2, Edition 1, April 2021

Sonninghill Social in the Argyle Dining Room, 'MEXICO'

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The Social was held on Wednesday 31st March in the Argyle dining room.

A special thanks to Head Prefect, Thomas Hayward, and his team of Senior Leaders and Year 13 boarders, who organised the sound system, music and promoted the theme for the night of 'Mexico', which was well-received by everyone. The boys made a genuine effort to dress up with numerous sombreros on show.

Hosting the Sonninghill Social is one of the highlights of the year. All those in attendance were entertained by the Year 13 DJs who had the volume at full noise!

The evening concluded with the traditional slow dances and prizes for the 'Best Dressed' from both hostels.

Welcome Back, Preparing for Term 2, Hostel Parents' Meet & Greet Evening, Winter Co-curricular Programme

Kia ora koutou

I’m sure you are all enjoying the term break with your son, with thoughts now turning towards the second term of 2021.


Argyle and Grove will re-open on Sunday 2nd May from 5.30pm. We would expect all boys to have returned by 7.30pm on Sunday evening, to ensure a settled start leading in to their first day of school on Monday 3rd May.

A reminder to please use Boardingware to state your son’s return day and time for the start of the new term. Can you please check the day/time you have currently entered to ensure the return details are accurate? This is also a safety issue, particularly those seniors who are returning in their private vehicle. Thank you.


This has been scheduled for Friday 21st May at 'The Roaming Giant' in the upstairs function room. It is an opportunity for all parents and caregivers to meet and get to know each other in an informal setting for a couple of hours. Staff, long-standing parents and supporters of Argyle House will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about boarding life. See the invitation below from Hostel Parent Representative, Mr Alastair Reeves.


These commence on Friday 7th May, with almost 60 interviews occurring over two weeks with Mrs Hassall, Matua Graham and Mr McKenzie.


Please see below two resources. One is a link and the other an attachment outlining the reasons teenagers are vaping, the harmful effects of the chemicals consumed, signs your son is vaping and what you can do to support your son once you become aware. I would suggest you spend some time taking your son through these resources as a means to educate yourself and to have a conversation with your son, sharing the key points, prior to his return next week.

I have also included the email sent to all parents, caregivers and boarders by the Headmaster, Mrs Hassall, on Friday 9th April.

Using or bringing illegal and/or banned substances on-site at Argyle House and Grove is a serious offense and will be treated accordingly, which may result in your son being stood down for a nominated period of time or having his place within the hostel reviewed. This has been communicated to your son by hostel staff regularly at our full house meetings throughout term one. Please remind your son about making the right choices and what is on the line for non-compliance.


With the Hamilton Boys' High School winter co-curricular programme underway, it is vital that your son engages in a sport, cultural or club activity after school during the week. This ensures your son is actively involved, contributing positively while participating in the wider life of the school. Idle boys can become problematic with too much time on their hands. It is important they return with a firm idea of how they will be actively involved this term. Argyle Master, Mr Hayden Marrow, will put out an 'Engagement Survey' during week 1 of term two, requiring each boy to state their co-curricular intentions for the term. Follow-up will be provided for those not meeting the minimum requirements. I know the boys involved in winter sport are very excited about team selections, trainings and the start to their local Waikato Secondary Schools' competitions over the next fortnight.


This is scheduled for Wednesday 19th May (Week 3). There is no school for students on this day, so your son may take overnight leave from 3.15pm Tuesday 18th May and return by 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th May, or by 8.00am Thursday 20th May. Those boarders that remain in the hostel will be supervised in the day school from 8.30am - 3.15pm on the Wednesday, as all hostel staff will be involved in the Teacher Only Day.

Enjoy the remainder of the holiday period with your son. The staff and I look forward to working with your son throughout term 2 and the remainder of 2021.

Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have a concern or want to discuss any matters relating to boarding life.

If it is a matter concerning your son's academic programme in the day school, then please contact our Dean of Boarding, Mr Fraser Kilgour, directly. He will provide the advice and steps to manage and remedy your concerns. Fraser's email address is

Ngaa mihi

Murray McKenzie

Head of Boarding

021 516 477

Argyle House Open Day held on Thursday 11th March

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Year 13 Deputy Head Prefect, Sam Boros, and Year 9 boarder, Luca Parrott, show their group around the Senior Units.
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The turnout for our annual Open Day exceeded previous years' numbers with 56 families on-site (44 at Year 9 2022) to hear the various hostel and school staff presentations on their specialist areas, before embarking on tours of the school and hostel with current Year 9 boarders and Prefects/Senior Leaders. There was standing room only in the dining room. The feedback from our visitors we hosted from 10am - 2pm was overwhelmingly positive. Our current Year 9 boys were excellent tour guides, accompanied with our Senior Leaders and Prefects, as they showed our guests through the hostel, school, Grove and the School Shop.

Year 9 2022 Argyle House Interviews

Year 9 2022 interviews commence on Friday 7th May and continue all of the following week. We have 13 boys with current brothers boarding in Argyle that have applied for a place in 2022. The brothers will be interviewed by Matua Graham, Senior Master, and Mr McKenzie, Head of Boarding.

Headmaster, Mrs Hassall and Mr McKenzie will be interviewing prospective Year 9 boarders all of week 2.

Hostel Parents' Meet & Greet Social Function, Friday 21st May, 'The Roaming Giant'

Dear Argyle Parents/Caregivers

Your Argyle House Parent Representatives, Diana O'Brien and myself, along with Murray McKenzie and Argyle Management, would like to invite you all along to a "Meet and Greet" evening with other Argyle parents, on Friday 21 May 2021 6-8 pm.

The venue is upstairs at 'The Roaming Giant', 789 Heaphy Terrace, Hamilton East. It is located across the road from the Claudelands Event Centre.

This is a great opportunity to meet each other and in some cases, put faces to names that you may have heard about, ask any questions you may have about hostel life, in a relaxed social setting while enjoying a little something to eat. It also goes without saying that liquid refreshments will be available so please bring along your cash.

Could you please let Katrina McLaughlin know by Friday 14 May 2021 if you are attending. Please email Katrina at: or phone 07-8530437.

Hope to see you there


Alastair Reeves

Hostel Parent Representative

Lockdown Practice Drill held on Monday 29th March

The lockdown drill carried out on Monday 29th March was successful. All boarders were taken through the procedures prior to the drill at a full house meeting the week prior and then those procedures were put into practice on Monday evening. This is our third drill in three years, so our senior boys are well aware of what is expected of them should we need to go into lockdown.

Should there be a need for Argyle House to go into Lockdown, the duty staff have a clear set of procedures to follow.

The duty master will activate an automated voice message and hooter that sounds over the intercom system informing the boys we are to go into lockdown.

A text message is automatically generated and sent out to all boys, staff, staff families, informing them they are to go to the nearest room, lock the external door and lie face down on the floor away from the door and windows, put their mobile phone on silent and await further instructions. If they are off-site, the text message will advise them to stay away from the hostel until notified by text message the lockdown is over and it is safe to return.

An email will then be sent out to all Argyle House and Grove parents and caregivers informing them that Argyle House is in lockdown and not to come to, or phone the Hostel, as you will not be attended to. All further updates will be provided by email. The duty master and/or the Head of Boarding, Senior Master will keep you updated and inform you by email when the lockdown is over.

Once the lockdown is over, an automated text message will be sent out to all boys, staff and staff families informing them the lockdown is over and for those boarders off-site it is now safe for them to return. All boys will be physically released from the building by the Police and a hostel staff member. The boys will be asked to report to the evacuation assembly area out in front of Dorm 1 for a roll call to ensure everyone is accounted for.

The duty master, Head of Boarding or Senior Master will then send an email out to all parents and caregivers informing them the lockdown is over and that all boys are safe and have been accounted for.

The Harmful Effects and Consequences of Vaping

Please find below the link to an article on 'Vaping Teenagers'. It outlines what vaping is, why teenagers vape, the harmful effects, signs of your son vaping and what you can do to support your son.

There is a nationwide concern for teenagers who are experimenting and/or have become addicted to nicotine as regular vape users.

The health concerns are frightening. For example, the metal coil which burns, burns out over time. This is going directly into the lungs of people who vape.

Your support in sitting alongside your son before he returns to the hostel and taking them through the link below and attached document, would be greatly appreciated by all hostel staff and school management.

Vaping: Message from the Headmaster

Emailed to all parents & caregivers, Friday 9th April

Dear Parents and Caregivers

In August last year I wrote to all Argyle families expressing our concerns about, and our expectations and rules around the possession of and/or use of prohibited substances in the Hostel.

Today, I quote from that email, as, unfortunately, we have very real concerns regarding the risks being taken by some of our Argyle students.

“Our rules around the possession, and use, of any prohibited and restricted substance are very clear. There is no tolerance for students’ use of, or possession of, any materials linked to smoking, vaping, or any type of marijuana or drugs.

Any equipment linked to these activities brought on to our school site, is regarded as being a sign of intent, and will be treated as such.

There is very clear evidence that these activities are detrimental to the developing brains of adolescents. There are also documented examples where a serious medical event is a direct consequence of young people ‘experimenting’.

It is, therefore, a genuine concern for me that students are still prepared to challenge our authority by bringing material to school, and to the Hostel.”

The ultimate responsibility, for Mr McKenzie and myself, is for the safety and well-being of all of our Argyle students. We cannot accept the behaviour of students who risk their future in the Hostel, and the school, by continuing to be involved in these prohibited practices.

I have been Headmaster for many years, and I have been involved in many suspension meetings, where, ultimately, young men lose their Hostel places. The remorse shown by the vast majority is sincere; their promise that it will not happen again is heartfelt. For me, this awareness of the impact of their decision, to ignore clear expectations and rules, must come before the consequences impact on these individuals’ lives. Prevention of any continuation of this behaviour is the key. As I stated last year, we cannot afford to tolerate the actions of young men who continue to make poor choices, in spite of the knowledge that their actions are illegal and detrimental to the well-being of other students.

Your support in this is essential. We can provide counselling, and support for any student who finds it difficult to stop vaping or smoking. Our goal must be a shared one, shared by the school, by you as parents, and by the young men themselves.

I urge you to take time, through the upcoming holiday break, to discuss this email with your son, so that we can have a positive, affirming Term Two together. And so that, we do not find ourselves in the sad, distressing situation of reviewing places at Argyle, in spite of the many warnings and discussions we have shared.

Thank you for recognising the importance of working together, to ensure that the full potential of our young men can be fully realised, and that 2021 is a positive year for all.

Regards and best wishes for the holiday break with your son.

Susan Hassall

Lion Mentors

At the Formal Senior Assembly on Wednesday 10th March, our Year 13 Lion Mentors for 2021 were named and congratulated. They form an additional tier of student leadership, help with various duties and are an invaluable support to junior students needing a little extra help in their journey through school.

From over 100 applicants, the following 45 were selected, with Kieran Draper, Otama Roberts, Thomas Marchant, Henry Palmer and Daisuke Shirai all boarders from Argyle House:

Day students:

Austin Anderson, Amirkhon Askarov, Callum Cameron, Geordie Chapman, Sean Clark, Ethan Cornforth, Logan Dent-Allen, Huy Do, Kitt Douglas, Arleigh Eden, Seamus Foley, Shaydon Govender, Jacob Graham, Carlos Hardie, James Havill, Nathan Hawkins, Toby Hill, Toby Hutcheson, Mathew Jacob, Yash Kumar, Matthew Lander, Fraser Mallett, Benjamin Marsden, Muntasir Masud, Michael Moloney, Koby Niwa, Jason O'Neill, Anish Patel, Shaurya Pathak, Beau Peart, Kirani Pritchard, Eden Pundak, Kain Scampton, Daniel Steffert, Benjamin Trotter, Kobe Tuhakaraina, Oliver White, Taylor Wright, Jack Wu, Jacky Zhou

NZ Secondary Schools' National Pipe Band

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At the Senior Formal Assembly on Wednesday 10th March, both Alexander Nielsen (Year 13) and Rupert Nielsen (Year 12), were presented with their NZ Honours Cap for playing in the New Zealand National Youth Pipe Band.
Big picture
Rupert Nielsen on his way to lunch immediately after the senior formal assembly where he was presented with his NZ Honours Cap.

Years 9 and 13 Dinner together

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All Year 13 boarders come across from Grove at 5.30pm on a Monday and Wednesday evening to eat dinner on the same tables as the Year 9 boarders. This was an initiative introduced in 2020, as an opportunity for Year 13 to be more visible on this side of the hostel and to get to know the Year 9s better. It has been well received by our Year 9s.

Sonninghill Year 13 Dinner, Tuesday 23rd March, at Sonninghill

All Year 13 boarders had their annual evening meal with the Sonninghill Year 13 boarders, at Sonninghill. Afterwards there was a karaoke available for both hostels to show off their singing ability!
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Team NZ retains the America's Cup

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The boys come together in the Junior TV Lounge to watch the final race that sealed Team NZ's victory overall.

Year 9 Father & Son Breakfast, Tuesday 9th March

This annual event was held in the Hamilton BHS Hall before school. The guest speaker was Mr Todd Miller, former All Black, Chiefs player, current Hamilton BHS PE teacher and Teacher In-Charge of Rugby.
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Ezekiel Ruaporo
Big picture
Jack Higgins
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Big picture
Mr Todd Miller, guest speaker
Big picture
Mrs Susan Hassall, Headmaster

Matthew Allen Cup Cricket, Wednesday 10th March

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The successful Junior Bennett House team that won in a Super-Over.
Big picture
The successful Senior Bennett House team that won by 24 runs

House Cricket, Argyle finishes in 2nd Place Overall

Big picture
George Reeves, Year 13 Head of Bennett, hits the ball to the boundary.
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Haka Practice, House Meeting

Matthew Allen Cup Haka, Tuesday 23rd March

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Sutherland House win the Junior Haka competition
Big picture
Bennett House juniors are runners-up
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Big picture
Bennett House win the Senior Haka competition, led by Caelys-Paul Putoko, Year 11.
Big picture
Sutherland House seniors are runners-up

House Haka Competition, Wednesday 31st March

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Big picture

Matthew Allen Cup Touch (One-Touch), Bennett House Wins, Gymnasium 1, Tuesday 23rd March

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Senior Master, Matua Graham, announces the overall results after all five year levels have completed their games.
Big picture
George Reeves, Year 13 Head of Bennett, is congratulated on behalf of Bennett House by Matua Graham for winning overall, 3 games to 2, and presents George with the 'Lake Shield'.
Big picture
George Reeves salutes the crowd while holding aloft the 'Lake Shield', held by the House that wins each event.
Year Level Results for Matthew Allen Cup Touch (One-Touch):

9 Bennett 3-1

10 Sutherland 6-1

11 Bennett 7-3

12 Sutherland 4-0

13 Bennett 2-1

House Touch, Argyle finishes in 4th Place Overall

Our Junior Touch team finished in 2nd place overall after their 5-game round-robin. Our Senior team finished in 4th place overall. Points based on place were then combined from both competitions, resulting in a final place of 4th overall, giving us 3 points towards the house competition.

Matthew Allen Cup Results Update

Big picture
Keran Van Staden's Sutherland House hold a slender 2-point lead over George Reeves' Bennett House after 6 events

School House Competition Table after 5 Events, Argyle House in Second Place Overall

After placing a controversial and extremely disappointing 6th in the Haka competition, 2nd in Cricket and 4th in Touch, Argyle House is now placed 2nd overall, 9 points behind the leaders, Wilson House. This is the closest House competition in many years, with only 5 points separating the houses placed 2nd - 6th.

The competition is far from over and I know our Senior Leaders, Prefects and Junior House Leaders will be doing their best to rally the boys to do their best in the remaining house events.

The term 2 competition begins with the school Cross Country to be held in week 2. The remaining events for term 2 are Volleyball, Tug-O-War, General Knowledge and Basketball

See the attachment below for a breakdown of the house points for each of the 5 events completed to date.

Summer Tournament Week:

Hamilton BHS students competed in eighteen sporting events, competitions and tournaments throughout NZ over the week commencing Saturday 20th March and concluding Sunday 28th March. Many Argyle House students were involved, with Quinn Boyle, Rhys Laker, Dylan McConnell, Josh Wickers, Josh Syme all winning NZSS National titles.

See below for a full summary of results.

1. NZSS Open Water Swimming Championships, Blue Lake, Rotorua, Saturday 20th March, NATIONAL CHAMPION

14-15 years age group:

Quinn Boyle (Year 11), 1st place, 500m, 4mins49secs

Big picture
Quinn Boyle (far right), was one of seven competitors in his age group.

2. NZ Secondary Schools (Maadi Cup) Regatta - Monday 22nd - Saturday 27th March, Lake Karapiro, 4 NATIONAL TITLES

Six Argyle House boarders were in Rowing crews that won national titles last week during summer tournament week at Lake Karapiro:

Rhys Laker (Year 10) won 2 Gold Medals in the U15 Octuple, Novice Four A Finals.

Dylan McConnell (Year 10) won 2 Gold Medals in the U15 Octuple, Novice Four A Finals.

Josh Wickers (Year 11) won 1 Gold Medal in the U15 Octuple A Final.

Rhys Laker, Dylan McConnell and Josh Wickers also placed 3rd in the U15 Eight A Final.

Josh Syme (Year 12) won 1 Gold Medal in the U17 Eight A Final

Josh Syme (Year 12), Johno O'Brien (Year 11) and coxswain Jamie Zyza (Year 12) were in the crew that placed 3rd in the U16 Eight A Final.

The crew of the U18 Novice Eight won their A Final by over a boat length, but were disqualified after their boat weighed in 200 grams under weight at the conclusion of the race. Hamilton BHS Rowing has lodged an appeal with a decision still to be made. There were four Argyle House boarders in this crew. They are: Lachie Douglas, Jesse Humberstone-Kara, Jack Paterson and coxswain Sean Witters. See pictures below of this crew at their medal ceremony, moments before being informed of their disqualification.

Big picture
Big picture
U18 Novice Eight (result still pending)

3. NZSS Triathlon Championships, New Plymouth, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th March, 2nd Place

Ethan Barton (Year 13, Deputy Head Prefect), returned with 2 Silver Medals in his teams' events:

U19 3-Man Teams’ Triathlon, 2nd Place: Carlos Hardie, Ethan Herbert, Ethan Barton

U19 4-Man Tag Teams’ Triathlon, 2nd Place: Carlos Hardie, Ethan Herbert, Ethan Barton, Hamish Rodley

Big picture
Ethan Barton (Year 13), far right

4. NZSS 3 x 3 Basketball, Auckland, Wednesday 24th - Saturday 27th March, 2nd Place

Five Argyle House boarders competed at this tournament in the Junior A and B teams: Ross Anderson (Year 10), Liam Van Der Heyden (Year 9), Jacob Crane (Year 10, Captain), Dallas Rata-Makene (Year 10), Kiwa Rata (Year 10).

The Junior A team finished runners-up in NZ, losing a close final 13-7 to Rosmini College.

Vs Kelston BHS, Won 16-6

Vs St Andrews, Won 16-13

Vs Pukekohe HS, Won 13-11 (OT)

Vs Rongotai College, Won 21-11

Vs Rosmini College, Won 13-12

Quarter-Final: Vs Rangitoto College, Won 16-9

Semi-Final: Vs St John’s, Won 16-9

Final: Vs Rosmini College, Lost 13-7

5. North Island Secondary Schools' Division 1 Waterpolo, Wellington, Thursday 25th - Saturday 27th March: NORTH ISLAND CHAMPIONS

Oliver Ingram (Year 12) and Keran Van Staden (Year 13), were the two players from Argyle House that went through this tournament undefeated, winning the NISS Championships for the first time in the school's history.

A huge thanks must go to Head Coach and Argyle Master, Mr Rahiti Teokotai-White, for the many hours he has dedicated to this team over the past few years to dominate over the powerhouse schools from Auckland.

Vs Palmerston North BHS, Won 11-2

Vs Rosmini College, Won 14-8

Vs Tauranga Boys’ College, Won 19-4

Vs King’s College, Won 13-6

Quarter-Final: Vs Sacred Heart College, Won 8-4

Semi-Final: Vs Westlake BHS, Won 8-6

Final: Vs Rangitoto College, Won 4-2 in a Penalty Shootout. 5-5 at fulltime.

6. North Island Secondary Schools' U15 Rugby 7s, Mt Maunganui, Sunday 21st - Monday 22nd March

Five Argyle House boarders competed at this tournament, winning all 5 games played: Dallas Rata-Makene (Year 10), Raharuhi Palmer (Year 11), Keaton Reti (Year 10), Nikau Dromgool (Year 10), Ross Anderson (Year 10).

Pool Play

Vs Tauranga Boys’ College, Won 19-7

Vs Wesley College, Won 36-0

Vs St Paul’s Collegiate, Won 38-5

Semi-final: Vs Rotorua BHS, Won 27-5

Final: Vs Tauranga Boys’ College, Won 25-5

Big picture
The 5 Argyle House boarders in the team. L-R: Dallas Rata-Makene (Year 10), Raharuhi Palmer (Year 11), Keaton Reti (Year 10), Nikau Dromgool (Year 10), Ross Anderson (Year 10).
Big picture
The Hamilton BHS NISS U15 7s team, with their 2 coaches, Mr John Steel and Matua Stefan West, and Headmaster, Mrs Susan Hassall, moments after beating Tauranga Boys' College 25-5 in the final.

7. 1st XI Cricket, Northern Region Qualifying Tournament, for NZSS Top 6, Gillette Cup, Dec 2021. Hamilton (Jansen Park), REGIONAL CHAMPIONS

Two Argyle House boarders competed at this week-long tournament here in Hamilton: George Reeves (Year 13) and Tom Martin (Year 10).

Vs Mt Maunganui College, Won by 7 wickets

Vs Whangarei BHS, Won by 8 wickets

Vs St Peter's School, Won by 46 runs. HBHS 225 all out, George Reeves 107

Final: Vs St Paul’s Collegiate, Won by 6 wickets

Qualified to represent the Northern Districts Region at the NZSS Top 6 Gillette Cup Tournament, Christchurch, Dec. 2021

8. Waikato/BOP Athletics Championships, Tauranga, Wednesday 24th March

Henry Palmer (Year 13), Senior 100m and Senior 200m Champion
Big picture

Hamilton BHS Prefects acting out their role on the Committee they serve

Big picture
The Service Committee:

Thomas Hayward (left), Levi Cressy-Baggott (3rd from left), Keegan Caines (middle), Ethan Barton (far right)

Big picture
The Sports Committee:

Back row: George Reeves (left), Gus Nelson (second from left), Sam Boros (second from right)

Big picture
The Cultural Committee:

Takoha Lunjevich (far right)

Alexander and Rupert Nielsen, NZSS Bagpipe Championships, Hastings, 20-21st March

Hamilton BHS has gone from strength to strength in the world of bagpiping in recent years and the run of good results keeps on coming.

On the weekend of the 20th and 21st of March, 1800 competitors from across New Zealand travelled to Hastings to compete as members of 48 different pipe bands at the New Zealand National Pipe Band Championships.

Eight current students and six HBHS Old Boys competed on March the 19th and 20th at this event. Our students did very well considering five of the students were competing at their first National competition with our senior players finishing 3rd overall in the Juvenile Grade.

What is notable about this achievement is that they placed ahead of St Andrew’s College, and the last time a North Island Juvenile Pipe Band achieved this feat was 14 years ago.

Our learner students placed 10th in the Juvenile Grade and Class of 2020 Old Boy Patrick Chen finished 1st in drumming in the Grade Two Street March event. All students played very well and special mention must be made of Sam Gordon who was the drum sergeant for the very first time at a National competition.

Big picture
Alexander & Rupert Nielsen
Big picture
Three Argyle House boarders competed: Jack Broomfield (Year 12 Prefect, 2nd from the right), Alexander Nielsen (Year 13) and Rupert Nielsen (Year 12)

Hamilton BHS Clay Target Shooting

Big picture
The HBHS Clay Target Shooting team headed to Thames to compete in the Neil Carseldine Cup Shoot on Thursday 15th April, and the team came away with the trophy.

Congratulations to Timothy Lumsden (day student) on finishing as top boy and to Matthew Riley (Year 10 Argyle House) on finishing second.

The A Squad shot 285 out of 300 to take the team prize and the Neil Carseldine Memorial Trophy. Congratulations to our team on this fantastic effort.

Matthew is pictured third from the left.

Argyle Van, New Signwriting

Big picture
Our van driver, Mr Howard Mitchell, will be pleased to see the new signwriting that was completed during the first week of the school holidays. It looks very professional.

Thanks to Mr John Turnbull, from 'Computacut Signs' for his patience with the process it took to get to this stage!

Used bicycles needed for Manaaki Centre students

On behalf of the Multicultural Manaaki Centre we were wondering if the Argyle community would be able to donate any second hand bikes in useable condition. These bikes would be given to the refugee boys who display exemplary work in class, and keep a clean pastoral record.

As a reward for their good behaviour, these boys are offered a bike as a way to take pressure off their families, many of whom have to balance work, learning English and taking care of their siblings. The bikes also offer the boys an ability to travel to school and sports when they would otherwise be forced to walk, as well as discovering a fun new activity.

However, this programme is only possible through the generosity of the wider school community, and unfortunately, many of the boys eligible for these bikes are unable to get one due to lack of donations. This leads us to asking the boarding community for a greatly appreciated act of kindness and generosity.

If any families have bikes at home for boys in year nine to thirteen that are willing to be donated, the Multicultural Manaaki Centre would be incredibly thankful.

Please contact Ms Naaz Shah, HBHS Refugee Co-ordinator if you can assist. Her email address is


Ashan Barr (Year 12, Argyle House)

Extra training space behind the HBHS Turf

With the bike shed moved to the other side of the staff carpark, work gets underway for the area behind the HBHS Turf.

Workmen can be seen pouring concrete for this multi-purpose training area.

Sporting codes that will benefit are:

Hockey (warm-up area pre-game)

Cricket (nets with varying grades of artificial pitch in each bowling lane)

Basketball (outdoor hoops)

Tennis (one court)

2021 Argyle Manual, 2021 Grove Manual & 2021 Term Planner with Key Dates

The 2021 Grove Manual and 2021 Argyle House Manual, along with the 2021 Term Planner with all key hostel dates, have now been placed online, at the bottom of the 'Boarding' page on the school's website: No hardcopies will be posted out.

I have attached these 3 documents below. Click to view and/or download and print.

Housekeeping Issues:


Each junior boarder in Years 9 and 10 accommodated in the Domestic Wing, Dorms 2, 3 and 4, are to only enter their room. This rule was brought in on 9th March, as a result of juniors entering other boys' rooms and taking items from unsecured wardrobes and lockers of others.

Boys also need to have a sanctuary to go to, to feel safe, knowing they can lie on their bed in their own room without being disturbed by boys who don't reside in their room. Some uninvited boys had been entering a room and messing with another boy's personal items and bed area.

This has been well received by the boys and has significantly improved the general tone of the Year 9 dorms over the second half of term one. If they want to talk to another boy in another room then they must do so in a communal area.

A Community Service will be issued to any boy who goes into another boy’s room in Dorms 2, 3 & 4 and the Domestic Wing.


A 'dud' mobile phone, or a second phone, is being handed in prior to junior lights out by some junior boys. This is a reminder that your son can only bring one phone to the hostel. I have communicated to the boys at our full house meetings on a Tuesday evening, that juniors hand their phones and devices in each weekday evening so they get the recommended hours of sleep and don't deprive their roomates from a good night's sleep also. The duty master does a check of the phone cabinet each evening once phones are handed in. A handful of junior boys have been given the consequences below for non-compliance in term one, which is outlined in the Argyle Manual:

1st Strike : lose phone for 2 weeks + Community Service
2nd Strike : lose phone for 10 weeks + 7 day gating and Community Service
3rd Strike : lose phone for the year + 7 day gating and Community Service.

Any Years 11-13 boarders caught on a device after lights out is issued with the relevant 'strike' above.


Some boys are not eating dinner in the evenings due to losing their appetite as a result of eating pizza or other takeaway meals when on leave in town. All boys are now required to stay seated in the dining room until their table has finished their evening meal. The duty master will email the family of the boy who does not eat his dinner, to keep you informed, as we want the boys to eat a healthy, nutritious meal each evening and feel it is important parents and caregivers are kept informed.


Please check that all items of your son's clothing are initialled and numbered with a sharpie pen before your son returns on Sunday evening. Lagi, our Laundress, becomes frustrated when boys put clothing out to wash and she can't return the clean clothing items to their cubby-hole because there is no name or number on that item.

Thank you for your continued support.

'Man of the Week' Award

The boys named and photographed below were awarded 'Man Of The Week' for doing something extraordinary during the week, that warranted recognition in front of their peers. They each receive a certificate and a $5 canteen voucher, presented at our weekly house meeting by a Deputy Head Prefect.

Week 6 Term 1: Tom Martin (Year 10)

Scoring 122 runs in a Junior NZSS Cricket qualifying game vs St Paul's Collegiate. Tom's first century for Hamilton BHS.
Big picture

Week 7 Term 1: Jesse Humberstone-Kara (Year 10)

Breaking the Central Zones and Hamilton BHS Athletics Discus record by 2.73m set at Porritt Stadium, throwing 48.44m.
Big picture

Week 8 Term 1: Quinn Boyle (Year 11)

Winning a NZSS Open Water Swimming national title in the 500m, 14-15 years age group, on the Blue Lake in Rotorua, during Summer Tournament Week.
Big picture

Week 9 Term 1: Rhys Laker (Year 10) & Dylan McConnell (Year 10)

Winning two national Rowing titles at their NZSS regatta, in the U15 Octuple and Novice Four, Lake Karapiro during Summer Tournament Week
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Week 10 Term 1: Henry Palmer (Year 13)

Placing 2nd in the North Island Secondary Schools' Athletics Championships Senior 100m and 3rd in the Senior 200m.
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School Links Emails to Parents/Caregivers from School:

HBHS Term 1 High Achiever

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Saturday 17th April

To our HBHS whanau,

We hope you enjoy our Term 1 High Achiever, our newsletter that celebrates all of the accomplishments of our HBHS high achievers.

It was a real joy to compile a newsletter packed to the brim with events and achievements and we thank everyone who contributed to our publication. You will note an additional publication attached to this message, and we hope you enjoy our fabulous new A3 feature from our archivist, Ms Lynette Burroughs, that now comes as an insert when you order your print copy at the beginning of next term.

Our front cover will profile our Condor Sevens team and their record eighth National title win, along with our National Champion Junior Futsal team.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday break, and we look forward to seeing you all again in Term 2.

Ngā mihi nui
Wendy Moffitt

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


HBHS School Shop

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Friday 16th April

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The School Shop will be closed for the duration of the April school holidays.

The Shop will reopen at 7.30am on Monday, 3rd May.

HBHS School Shop

Entertainment Book

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Friday 16th April

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The Entertainment book is now online and would be a great thing to have when thinking of ideas of what to do over the Term break.

If you get the multi-city membership you get access to deals from all over New Zealand. A must have for those of you leaving Hamilton for the break.

To sign up go to and purchase your membership and then download the Entertainment app. The current promotion will get you 20% off the membership price. Get in quick as this deal will not last long.

All proceeds go back to the school.

Have a great break from the team at the HBHS Parents Association.

HBHS Yr 10 Father & Son Breakfast

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Wednesday 14th April

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Please find attached an invitation to our 2021 Yr 10 Father and Son Breakfast.

Ticket numbers are limited! Be quick to avoid disappointment.

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


SchoolTV - Mindfulness

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Tuesday 13th April

Today parents face a multitude of modern day challenges in raising happy, well and resilient young men. Whilst there is a great deal of information available, this can often be confusing and overwhelming for parents looking for guidance.

SchoolTV addresses this as a new online resource designed to empower you as parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies.

In this edition of SchoolTV - MINDFULNESS

Over the last decade, mindfulness has been slowly rising in popularity with many individuals practising it on a regular basis. Evidence based research has found that there are many benefits to mindfulness which has prompted schools across the nation to implement this practice into their daily routines.

Mindfulness can be described as attention training for your brain, enabling you to focus on something without judgement and to stimulate curiosity. Mindfulness can be practised in a number of ways and is something that can be done by everyone - no matter what your age! It has been practised by many cultures around the world, but it is not exclusively affiliated to any particular philosophy or religion.

Mindfulness helps improve memory, engagement and performance. It's positive effect on the brain can improve immunity, mental wellbeing, learning ability, emotional health and even time management. It is especially important in this era of information overload as our attention is constantly being pulled in many directions making us more distracted.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents can learn the best way to introduce this mindfulness to their children, implementing into their daily lives to have an overall positive impact on family relationships.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this edition of SchoolTV and we always welcome your feedback. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Below is the link to the Mindfulness edition of SchoolTV

HBHS Photographs

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Friday 9th April

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Hamilton Boys' High School Tutor Group and Summer Sports photographs are available for you to view and order online with PhotoLife Studios.

Your son will be bringing home today, an online slip with your unique 'Access Key' detailed on it. This Access Key will bring up all photographs that your son is in. It is then an easy process for you to shop online and purchase the photographs you want.

All orders placed before 2 May 2021 will be dispatched back to the school and your son will be able to collect them from the School Shop. Any orders placed after 2 May 2021 will be sent directly to your specified delivery address and will incur a $6.00 postage and packaging charge.

Thank you

Liz Caskey

Online Tutoring with The Education Effect

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Tuesday 30th March

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The Education Effect is a local small business offering one on one tutoring sessions (both online and in person), to help students achieve their potential. They specialise in tutoring the NCEA curriculum.

If you are Interested, please follow the link to find out more information, phone 0800 113 991 or email

Year 10 -13 Interim Reports & Report Evening

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Monday 29th March

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Year 10-13 Interim Reports are now available to view and download from the Parent Portal. Instructions for accessing the Portal were sent to you early in the year via email.

You can now make bookings for the upcoming parent evening (Monday, 12th April) on the following website Please see the attached document for instructions regarding how to make your bookings.

If you require any assistance with using the portal or making bookings, please contact Student Data Processing on (07) 853 0440 extn 2086 or email

Kind regards
Paul Gunn
Teacher in Charge of Reporting

HBHS Senior Tracking Booklet and Junior Tracking Sheet

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Wednesday 24th March

Kia Ora, Students and Caregivers.

Academic tracking is an important aspect of the school to ensure our boys remain on track in terms of academic achievement as well as the goals they have set themselves for the year.

On Monday, all Senior students received their NCEA Tracking Booklet. Students need to have their Tracking Booklet with them at school everyday and they must be kept up to date with the latest internal results.

Students and caregivers should take some time to read through the booklet together, so that you both have a clear picture of what is required for success in the academic year. The booklet will also allow you to see when you have assessments due and help you to manage your time.

For our Junior students they have an Achievement Tracking Sheet in their school diary (page 161). This is a great way for Junior boys to monitor and track their progress in all subjects.

Thank you for your support as we remain committed to ensuring every HBHS student maximises his opportunities to achieve his very best results in 2021.

Should there be any issues with tracking booklets please feel free to contact Mr Phil Basel (NZQA Liaison Officer) on to discuss.

Nga Mihi,

Mr Joel Baker

Assistant Headmaster - Curriculum and Achievement

SchoolTV - Positive Parenting

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Monday 22nd March

Today parents face a multitude of modern day challenges in raising happy, well and resilient young men. Whilst there is a great deal of information available, this can often be confusing and overwhelming for parents looking for guidance.

SchoolTV addresses this as a new online resource designed to empower you as parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies.

In this edition of SchoolTV - POSITIVE PARENTING

Despite the best efforts of parents around the world, the reality is, there is no such thing as the ‘perfect parent’. However, arming yourself with the right information is a good start!

Research shows, that one of the most important protective factors in the lives of young people, is a close relationship with a supportive adult. With the mental health of today’s young people being at an all-time low, it is simply not enough to parent effectively. Parents need to familiarise themselves with practical skills, knowledge and strategies when it comes to raising children.

Many parents today are over-protective, resulting in children being less independent, unable to problem-solve or self-regulate. Parents are failing to set clear boundaries, which is unfortunately making kids feeling less secure. There is too much pressure on kids today. Parents fill their days with too many activities in an effort to avoid their child’s boredom.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn what is the best approach for primary and secondary school aged children.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this edition of SchoolTV and we always welcome your feedback. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to the Positive Parenting edition of SchoolTV

HBHS Career Centre Updates

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Friday 19th March

Career Centre Updates

We run lunchtime seminars to assist students with their career planning.

Monday, 29 March
Army, Air Force, Navy (SSC)

Thursday, 1 April
Otago University (Study Centre – A block)

Monday, 12 April
Police Recruiters (Careers room - SSC)

Thursday, 15 April
ETCO – offering electrical apprenticeships (SSC)

Friday, 16 April
Lincoln University (Careers Room – SSC)

Wednesday, 5 May
Waikato University (Study Centre- A block)

Tuesday, 18 May
Massey University (Careers Room – SSC)

Wednesday, 26 May
Wintec (Careers Room SSC)

Thursday, 27 May
Canterbury University (Careers Room SSC) (rescheduled from March)

Friday, 28 May
Victoria University (Careers Room - SSC)

Wednesday, 16 June
Auckland University (Study Centre – A block))

Friday, 2 July
AUT University (Careers Room - SSC)

University information evenings

Students and families are welcome to attend

Wednesday, 31 March
Otago Uni information evening 6.30pm (HBHS Hall)

Tuesday, 25 May
Otago Law Information Evening 5.30pm (Study Centre – A block)

Thursday, 27 May
Victoria University of Wellington 6.00pm Claudelands Event Centre

Thursday, 17 June
Canterbury University Info evening 6.00pm Claudelands Event Centre

Open Days

Friday, 26 March
Wintec Open Day
9.00am – 2.00pm
(All campuses) Parents need to notify the school if their son is attending

Friday, 21 May
Waikato University Open Day
Hamilton Campus
Students will be asked to register for this.

Sunday, 23/Monday, 24 May
Otago University Open Day

Friday, 7 May
ETCO Open Day
(Apprenticeship broker + Level 3 courses)
9.00am – 3.00pm
28 The Boulevard, Te Rapa Park

Friday, 28 May
Waikato University Open Day
Tauranga campus

Wednesday, 4 August
Massey University Open Day
Manawatu Campus

Friday, 20 August
Massey University Open Day
Wellington Campus

Friday, 20 August
Victoria University Open Day

Saturday, 21 August
Massey University Open Day
Albany Campus (Nth Auckland)

Saturday, 28 August
Auckland University Open day

Saturday, 28 August
AUT University Open Day

Thursday, 9 September
Canterbury University Open Day

Whakapike Ake

Auckland University offers a mentoring programme for students of Maori descent in years 12 and 13 who are taking at least two sciences and mathematics and who are interested in a pathway to medicine.

If you have a son who may be interested, he can see me in the Careers Centre (Student Services Centre) for more information.

HBHS Careers Expo

This will be held on Thursday, 1 July in our school gymnasium, 5.00pm - 8.00pm.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all year groups to plan their future career pathway and ensure that they are selecting appropriate subjects.

HBHS Careers facebook page - This page has events, jobs and current careers information. Please like it so that you can get regular updates. Events are also posted on the school online calendar.

HBHS Careers Facebook page

Lynnette Ross
TIC Careers

2021 HBHS Rugby Information

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Tuesday 16th March

Dear Parents/Caregivers and Rugby Players

Welcome to the 2021 rugby season at HBHS. Below is some information that will help your family prepare for the upcoming season.

SIGN-UPS/WEIGH-INS: Each player must physically sign-up (and in some cases weigh-in) with the TIC of rugby to confirm the grade they intend to participate in and the position/s they wish to play. Those absent on the day of their registration will need to contact Mr Miller in the gym office during interval, lunch or after school to sign-up.

Year 9: Week 9 = Mon 29 March interval in Gym 2

Year 10: Week 9 = Mon 29 March interval in Gym 3

Year 11, 12 and 13: Week 7 = Weds 17 March in Gym 2 (if you have not been a regular at the early morning sessions)

TRIAL DATES: All trial games are played after school approx 3:30-5pm (2:30-4:00pm on Thurs)

Senior teams (including U16): Thurs 25 March, Tues 30 March, Tues 13 April - all teams will be named on or before Thurs 15 April

U15: Tues 13 April, Thurs 14 April, Tues 4 May - teams to be named on or before Weds 5 May

U14: Tues 4 May, Weds 5 May, Thurs 6 May - teams to be named on or before Fri 7 May

U65: No trials - team/s to be named on Mon 12 April

U55: No trials - teams to be named on Mon 12 April

Some adjustments to teams may occur during the first 3 weeks of Term 2, but will be confirmed before the competition games begin on Sat 29 May.

PARENT HELP: We need as much parent help as possible with coaching and managing teams. If you are able and willing to assist your son’s team please contact Todd Miller at and leave your contact details so he can call you back.

FEES: Must be paid before the end of week 2 Term 2 once teams have been selected, either through the School Shop or through a direct online payment to Westpac: 031556-0085411-00. Please ensure the bank reference states the student's name & rugby fees.

$65.00 - U55, U65, U14, U15 and U16 (players are to provide their own HBHS jersey, shorts and socks - available at the SHOP).

$95.00 - Senior Black, Red, Gold and Blue (jerseys will be provided and laundered but players are to provide their own HBHS shorts and socks - available at the SHOP).

$120 - Senior Colts (all playing gear to be provided and laundered).

$TBC - 1st and 2nd XV


  1. Pay at the School Shop Fees Counter using Eftpos, Credit Card or Cash.
  2. Direct payment using Internet Banking: To pay in one lump sum, the school’s account is Westpac 03-1556-0085411-00. Please include your son’s name and Student ID number. The reference is: ‘Rugby Fees’.
  3. Credit card: Phone the School Fees Counter 07 853 0421and they will take your credit card details over the phone.
  4. Automatic Payment set up using Internet Banking: The school’s account is Westpac 03-1556-0085411-00. Please include your son’s name and Student ID number. The reference is: ‘Rugby Fees’

All queries can be directed to Natasha Hawke, at the Shop Fees Counter 07 853 0421

Finance Officer in-charge is Sharon Allen ( 07 853 0440 extension 2429.

UNIFORMS: U55kg, U65kg, U14, U15 and U16 players are to provide their own HBHS jersey, shorts and socks - available at the SHOP. Senior team players will have jerseys provided and laundered but they are to provide their own HBHS shorts and socks - available at the SHOP.

Jerseys = $120 , Shorts = $39 , Socks = $16.50. You are welcome to find second-hand jerseys, shorts and/or socks through your own efforts (the school SHOP does not sell second-hand items). All players are able to purchase a school tracksuit to be worn to and from games but this is not compulsory. Some senior teams will be advised to have a travelling uniform, including white shirt and school tie, blazer and black trousers.


1st and 2nd XV: NZ Super 8 1st and 2nd XV competitions

Senior Colts: Waikato Club U21 (Colts) competition

Senior Black, Red, Gold and Blue: Waikato Secondary Schools Open age Divisions

U16 and U15A: Waikato Secondary School U16 or Open age Divisions

U15B, Red, Black and U14A: Waikato Secondary Schools U15A or B competitions

U14B, Red, Black and White: Waikato Secondary Schools U14A or B competitions

U65kg Red and Black: Waikato Secondary Schools U65kg competition (must be U16)

U55kg Red, Black and White: Waikato Secondary Schools U55kg competition (must be U15)

REGISTRATIONS: All players must be NZRU Registered. Returning Players will be emailed their forms to update and register online. New players will be registered by the school once the teams have been selected. Being registered ensures that you are recognised for your efforts and are supported by your local Provincial Rugby Union and New Zealand Rugby. Registered rugby members are also covered under the New Zealand Rugby Personal Accident Insurance. What Happens to Your Information? The information on your registration form is entered into a secure national rugby membership database managed by your local Provincial Rugby Union. The database is used for rugby administration purposes and your details can only be viewed by your club or school, your local Provincial Rugby Union, and New Zealand Rugby.

DRAW: The Rugby Draw for all Waikato Secondary School competitions will be available on the Mooloo website:

We are looking forward to another great season of rugby at HBHS.

Yours faithfully

Todd Miller

Our two Argyle House Parent Representatives for you to contact about any hostel matters

Mrs Diana O'Brien (Bombay)

Feel free to contact me by email

Mob. 027 277 1685

Mr Alastair Reeves (Te Akau)

Feel free to contact me by email

Mob. 027 457 3615

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