John F Kennedy

By: Jorge

John F Kennedy


1. He was elected in 1960

2. At 43 years old he became the youngest president to be elected

3. He led a renewed drive for public services and also provided federal support to civil rights

4. To this day people have ranked him one of the most loved president

5. Born on may 29 1977


Vietnam at the end of Paris Accords

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was one of the most costly and one of the longest war that has happened. The war was against communism, it was North Vietnam and its southern allies against south Vietnam and its ally United states. The war began in 1954 when Ho Chi Minh came into power.

During the war millions of people died. More than 3 million died, out of those 3 million 58,000 of those were Americans. U.S. was not that involved in the war but on 1969. USA was more involved in the war which by then there was 500,000 soldiers there.

When president Nixon was in office he put an order to bring back American soldiers in 1973. By 1975 the communist seized control of Saigon and by doing so ended the Vietnam war in that year.


1. The domino Theory - where people believed if a communist took over one country that it would start taking over surrounding countries

2. Internal divisions- Kennedy accelerated american aid during the Vietnam war which sent U.S. advisers

3. Diem Government- was to clean the house and institute long overdue political and economic reforms.

4, over throw of Diem- when south Vietnam government was overthrown Kennedy had to make a choice to either increase military involvement or negotiate a withdraw of troops.