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market economy - is an economy in which decisions regarding investments, productions, and distribution.

command economy - an economy where supply and price are regulated by the government rather than market forces.

traditional economy-is an original economic system in which traditions , customs , and beliefs shape the goods and the products the society creates.

market-a meeting together of people for the purpose of trade by private purchase and sale and usually not by auction.

barter- exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money

embargo-an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country

tariff-A tariff is a tax on imports or exports (an international trade tariff), or a list of prices for such things as rail service, bus routes, and electrical usage (electrical tariff, etc.

quota -

noun: quota; plural noun: quotas

a limited or fixed number or amount of people or things, in particular

    trade barrier - A barrier to trade is a government-imposed restraint on the flow of international goods or services. The most common barrier to trade is a tariff—a tax on imports. Tariffs raise the price of imported goods relative to domestic goods (goods produced at home.

the most important city or town of a country or region, usually its seat of government and administrative center