News from the Office

(The weekly form of Keeping up with Klager) January 6th

Welcome Back!

It is so exciting to be back to school. We had fun with our families and we are looking forward to playing in the snow some day soon.


We are searching for some spare clothing for the boys and girls of Klager. We are in need of size 6-8 sweat pants/easy pull on pants for both boys and girls. We keep a supply of clothing near the office for any need that arises. If you have some that your family has outgrown we would love for you to think of us before the Goodwill pile.

After School Classes through Community Education

There are several after school classes starting at Klager this week. They include: Gymnastics, Science Club, Lego Club, and Computer Science Club (this one is currently full but has a waiting list). You can check out our website for more information:

Winter Weather is here!

Please remember to send boots and snowpants now that the winter weather is here. Thank you!