The Hunger Games are starting soon!

The 75th Annual!

Hunger Games

We are all very excited about the 75th annual Hunger Games! It's everyones favorite time of year! It's also the best reality ever aired in all the history of Panem! Now is the time to get out your life saving while the bets are out and coming in nows the time when looks can deceive you though! you might not want to start betting right away though they may look strong but sometimes that's not a good thing. These bets can either make you or break you. This is the type of games where looks are a big thing you don't want to be too big or too small, too tall or too short and defiantly not too young or too old! This is the most exhilarating reality t.v. show in the country so you healers be ready while the wave of people start coming through the door when they see what's in store for The 75th Annual Hunger Games!

Th 75th Annual Hunger Games

Friday, Dec. 2nd 3025 at 12:15pm

Panem Capitol

The Hunger Games Agenda

11:30 - everyone must start tuning in to watch

11:59 - the countdown of the Games will begin

12:00 - the gong will sound and the games will officially begin

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These are the 75th Hunger Game tributes
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