Tech News for HESD Families

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Thank you for your support!

We are so grateful for your involvement with your child's education right now! These are unexpected times that have required new plans and adjustments for everyone. We are setting up a tech support system for families that we expect to be ready before teaching begins on April 20.

In the meantime, this newsletter shares some common technology solutions so you can help your child if the device they are using has a problem.

If you have any technology problems not addressed or resolved with the information here, please let your child's teacher know.

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YouTube on iPads

If your child is using an iPad, there may be an additional step to viewing YouTube videos. They will need to sign in using their @hsdschools account. The image below shows where they sign in the first time they encounter a video. They will only need to sign in once.
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Persistent Proxy Popup

The device your child is using has a content filter, just like when they are in the classroom. In some cases, we are hearing there is a popup asking for a sign in.

If you come across this, tap NOT NOW or CANCEL. If it doesn't stop, try restarting the device.

We know how bothersome this can be, and we are trying to get it resolved quickly. Thank you for your patience.

How to shut down and restart an iPad

How to shut down and restart a Chromebook

How to download an app on the issued iPad

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Thank you for visiting the HESD Tech Support Newsletter

We will update this newsletter as the need presents itself. As a reminder, a tech support system for families is being set up. We expect it to be ready before teaching begins on April 20.

We are glad you and your child are part of the Hueneme Elementary School District family, inspiring and empowering all students to thrive every day.