December Oil Letter

Wishing you a happy holiday season

December Promotion

Wow!!!! Young Living is offering an amazing Holiday promotion for December. Every month they offer different promotions but this months is the best I have seen all year. If you purchase 190 product value you will receive a 15ML Lavender. Lavender is one of the most used oils in my house. "When in doubt, use Lavender" is my motto!!!! So getting a free bottle is fantastic. If you spend 250 product value, you will receive the Lavender plus a L'Briante Lip Gloss. Now here is the best deal, if you spend 300 Product Value, you will receive the Lavender, Lip Gloss plus the Everyday Oil Collection. What!?!?! That is 10 of the most popular oils!!!!! I always try to have at least two of each of these oils in my house so I never run out. You can also use these oils to give as a gift to someone who can benefit from the oil. I love to share the gift of wellness with my friends and family.

If you are enrolled in the Essential Rewards program and meet these product value points you will also receive a 5 ml bottle of Black Pepper. Black Pepper is a great oil for the Digestive and Nervous System.

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Share the gift of wellness

What a fabulous way to share the gift of wellness with your friends and family!!!! With 33 bottles of amazing essential oils you will have plenty to share or keep for yourself to build you oil arsenal. I love sharing my oils with others so they can enjoy the benefits each oil has to offer. Below are a few examples of how you can reach the 300 PV for the promotion

Oil of the Month

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Ahh Thieves!!!! You are such an amazing little powerful blessing. Thieves is the oil that I use daily in my home. I love to diffuse thieves and orange to clean our air and add an amazing scent to the air. I drink a hot thieves tea (recipe below) almost daily throughout the winter months. Not only does this help protect you from daily exposure of germs, but it feels great on a sore or scratchy throat. If someone in the family seems to be falling victim to one of the many illnesses of winter, I will rub thieves, diluted with a carrier oil, on their feet before bedtime. Do yourself a favor and break open that bottle of Thieves you received in your starter kit and start enjoying the wonderful benefits it has to offer.

Recipe of the Month

Hot Thieves Tea

1 cup of hot tea (flavor of your choice)

1 TBLS local organic honey

1 drop Thieves oil

2 drops Lemon oil

Optional: 1 drop peppermint

I hope you and your family enjoy a merry and healthy December. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I would love to hear from you about how you are loving your oils!!

LeAnne Singleton

Young Living member # 2421283