Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 10

Math, Science, Social Studies

October 19-22

Hello Parents!

Monday starts a new nine-weeks!

If you have not done so already, please return permission slips tomorrow, October 19th.

No school on Friday!

Test Schedule

Thursday: 10/22

Math Test on Ch. 5: Addition Strategies

Excel 1st Quarter Test: Covers all Excel lessons 1-30

Science Test: Bat & Spider Vocabulary and facts

Ch.5 Math Study Guide:


Addends: The numbers being added. ex: 8+6=14, the addends are 8 and 6

Number line: Helps you count on

  • Write a double fact : 5+5=10
  • Count On to add
  • Write the sum

There are 4 Problem Solving questions on this test!

Example: Jaya sees 7 bats and then she sees 1 more.

How many does she see in all?

_______+_______= __________

__________ bats

Homework Packet

Due on or before Thursday 10/22

Packet includes:

  • Math 5.5 -6.2
  • Science: Study Guide

Review Excel lesson of the day and 5 minutes each night on Rainbow Facts

Math This Week:

Chapter 6: Subtraction Strategies Lesson Topics

  • Counting Back to Subtract
  • Use a Number Line to Subtract
  • How Many More, How Many Fewer
  • Relate Addition and Subtraction

Chapter 6 Vocabulary:

count back, number line, related facts, fact family

Excel Lessons: 39-42

Please use the link above to review / play games if your child needs extra help in math.

Click Here For Unit 2 Extra Practice

We are on Ch. 6 this week.

Unit B: Animals

We will finish our unit on Bats & Spiders on Wednesday and will have a test on Thursday.

This Week:

Spider Vocabulary Booklets: web, arachnid, spinneret, thorax, abdomen, feelers, egg sac, prey, spiderling

Spider Interactive Craft

Close Readings: Tarantula and Wolf Spider

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This Week's Science Activity

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Social Studies

We will be working in our Maps, Globes, and Graphs book in class as well as talking about our Social Studies word of the day.

Social Studies units start in November and/or mini lessons on special events.

November Units: Pilgrims, The Mayflower, The First Thanksgiving Play

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