People Against Vietnam War

Cassidy McConnell


Not everyone necessarily supported the Vietnam War. There were many people and groups that organized protests and events to promote peace.


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Late 60's

Their motto was: "Love, not war."

The term hippie started by them calling their selves "hip"

Started with the Beatniks

Main Goal: Peace

Gathered at Coffee shops, and then music festivals such as Woodstock.

Jane Fonda

  • Award winning actress
  • Posed in photos with Vietnam
  • Helped Vietnamese
  • Communist

Jane Fonda was against the war. She traveled to N. Vietnam to help and support their idea of communism. She was part of the Hippie movement as well. Her main goal was also to promote peace.

Tom Hayden

  • Jane Fonda's husband
  • Part of peace movement
  • Freedom Rider in South
  • Now an author
  • Still speaks against war

Tom Hayden participated in the peace movement against the Vietnam War. In 1968, where he was helping to lead a street protest during the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention, he was beaten, gassed, and arrested twice.

Martin Sheen

  • Award Winning Actor
  • Charlie Sheen's father
  • Drug/Alcohol issues
  • Arrested more than 70 times, mainly for liberal protests
  • Heart attack led to spiritual journey, which led to his social activism
  • Called "President of peace movement"
  • Protests against nuclear disarmament, and the war
  • Peace Activist
  • In 2007 he was awarded the Pathfinder's Peace Award
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