New York

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Slam Dunk!

The form of punishment called "ducking" can now be seen as a popular fair game but it hasn't always been all about fun and giggles. Ducking was used as a punishment for women that would submerge them underwater as result of scolding. The ducking stool was to be built in the center of City hall, New York in 1691.

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Can we all just get along?

Before we became New York we had to first seize our land from the Dutch. King Charles the second granted his younger brother James the territory between the Connecticut and Delaware rivers of which we were included. After conquering New Amsterdam James gave away New Jersey and New Yorks governor gave the western territory of the Connecticut River to Connecticut. In the beginning the governors tried to balance our wants and needs with the Dutch but when that didn’t work James finally Okayed the Elective Assembly. Once united, they agree in the establishment of a charter called “liberties and Privileges” that would maintain out self government ran by our elected assembly and grant us special liberties as a colony. The focus of our colony would’ve been established by everyone enjoying his or her freedom and focused on delivering most energy into the individual’s social life. It would’ve granted us freeman to vote and only be taxed by our representatives. Due process, Freedom of conscience and property right for women would also be included. It was so perfect, almost to perfect. I guess the King thought so too denying the charter under the grounds “it would give New Yorkers more rights than any other colonists, and the New York Assembly might undermine the power of parliament. But I mean as much as that is true at least we would have had some type of agreement and order instead of disagreeing and fighting amongst ourselves. I mean there was destined to be tension without political stability! Sheesh!

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