Become a Chloe+Isabel Hostess

Earn free jewelry+jewelry credit along the way!

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Hi guys!

Some of you may have already noticed that I recently opened an online boutique shop from the brand Chloe+Isabel. Chloe+Isabel is basically a jewelry franchise that seeks to empower and connect women through jewelry and fashion.

However, this is not a han solo process. I need a tremendous support from friends and family to make this happen. This is why I have chosen you from my contacts list for support! So, if you are interested (or simply curious), here is the deal: I am looking to organize a casual, simple and fun Holiday Pop-Up Shop for my boutique. How will I be able to do this? By finding the perfect host! Whether you are a fashionista, social butterfly, artist, adventurer, intro/extrovert, it don’t matter to me. What matters the most is having tons of personality for this opening and an open mind.

Basically, a host is someone who is willing to open up the doors of their home for the event, someone who provides a guest list to the shop, or someone who does all of the above+helps me coordinate the event. I know some of you have busy schedules with life+school+family!...don’t worry, you are not alone! I understand why this wouldn’t work for you if you wanted to help! However, even telling your friends+sorority sisters+club members+family about my boutique+pop up shop and providing a guests list would help A LOT (This would still count you as a host which means you will be able to get the rewards I’m about to show you)! I will take care for the rest ;)

You might be thinking, well, what exactly do I gain from becoming a hostess? Here’s the deal:

☼You will get $25 in free jewelry (of your choice!) for every $100 in sales made in the pop up
☼Free host-exclusive branch hoop earrings at $400 in sales (available both in gold & silver)
☼A special month incentive-which is different every month. You can take a look at Dec's incentive at the image above
☼VIP status WHICH gives you access to our curated hostess-exclusive jewelry


It's all about getting the word out! ☺

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Need more info? NO PROB! Visit the following link or shoot me an EMAIL to learn more about hosting with a C+I Merchandiser!