21st Century Learning - Week 4 - Term 4

New Curriculum

New Units

Jennie Newton, AP Gosford PS, has shared the amazing units she and her colleagues have developed. These include Stage 3 Sports Ethics, ROFL, I Love A Rain Soaked Country, Stage 2 - Big and Small, Tell Me Story and Mad Science. I still have to upload Gone, which is a Stage 2 unit. Many thanks Jennie : )

Maths Scopes

Kotara South have shared their K-6 Maths Scopes, which were developed by Violet Cox (AP) and Lee Englefield (AP). Lee states "we developed these scopes based on the principles of connecting mathematical concepts, which is what Kathryn Cartwright explains so well. We wanted to plan for these connections in a sequence that made sense." Many thanks Lee and Violet : )

Other Resources

Graphic Novels and Comics - Newly added include the Thunderkids Science Comics, Liam O'Donnell comics and The Little Carpet Boy (thanks Viviene for sharing this link) . Do you know of any that are free, which I could add?

Halloween ideas and links

November is Picture Book month. Snapshot homepage contains a link for ideas etc.

Language Learning Space - Resources for teaching Asian languages and cultures.

Integrating ICT into English - contains original ideas and well worth a look.

History - Geography - Science

Geography - Stack the Countries app, Where is Melbourne? app, Integrating ICT into Geography, Air Pano.

History - Australia - great new resources which include John Batman, Cobb and Co, Heroes of The Air etc. Government - Electoral Comic Creators, Preferential Voting interactive.

Science - New Design Process links eg Cracking Ideas, Design Toys from trash. Physics.

Thunderkids have created great resources for Materials, Energy, Earth Space and Living and Non Living, including Plants. They also have created really cool Science Comics, which you can download.

Chemi Croc resource,

How Much Science Can You Fit Into 6 Seconds? - GE