G & T Quads! Final Three Weeks

A High Quality, More Focused Experience for Top NYC Players.

G & T Quads Week # 13

* Players will be paired in quads of 4, starting with 4 highest registered players based on their last month published rating and continuing down to 1000 USCF

3 Rounds | G70, D5

Check out the Standings After Week # 12

Dear Chess Players,

Each week the G & T Quads continue to get more competitive and focused. We have had 106 players play to date and we encourage many more to participate over the course of the season.

* Remember you are welcome to join us week by week or the entire season.

Please check in between 9.30 - 9:45. 1st round will start at 10 AM.

$5,000 will be distributed to the top ten finishers at Season's End.


Just for the fun of it, as an added incentive, for the remainder of the reason Chess NYC will "put up" a NEW Daily Prize!

Any player going 3 - 0 on any day, goes home with $50 Cash on the spot!!! In the spirit of the recently completed world series, we call it the "SHUTOUT PRIZE"

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USCF Rated!

Point system per game:

  • Win: 6 Points
  • Draw: 3 Points
  • Loss: 1 Point

We hope you can join us and we look forward to providing a high quality, more focused, Chess experience to top NYC Players.

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Russ, Michael & The Chess NYC Team!