hard drive

hard drive is used in a computer is to store info about stuff.The capacity used in a hard driveis GB (giga bites) a GB is 1,000 MB so 2,000 MB is 2GB.HDD stores data like photos,music etc. HDD stands for hard disk drive 

optical drive

optical drive is usally a cd/dvd drive optical  means lenses it uses a laser.This is how it works when the cd is in the laser reflects on it that what gives us a moving image aka movie.      


 A monitor is a computer/tv it shows us pictures etc moitors look like computers the diffrenceis that a tv you can change channels but on a monitor you can't thats the only diffrence 

Input/output device's

A input device is something you put in a computer like a mouse,keyboard and a microphonea output device is something that you tell to do something for you like siri  that is used on apple products when you tell something to it it will do it for you.

touch screens

touch screens are normally used in PDA  also in other devices like nintendo ds,iphone,tablet etc  touchscreens have electronic visual display we use that by touching the screen and make the screen do wat we want.


a cpu is a machiene works on "instructions"it reads on a list of instructions one instruction at a time CPU stand for central processing unit   . RAM stand for random access memory is memory of what has been on the computer it is basically storage that is used to run data or programs. Nomally RAM is in a form of computer chips.Motherboard is the main circut board in a complex electronic system,like a is the most central part of a computer all the different parts of the computer is connected to the mother board. this lets them work  together.

Tim berners lee

tim burners lee made the world wide web (internet) he invented it on 6 august 1991

everyone uses the internet and tim gets a lot of money he studied at oxfcord university and he was born in 1955

4 generation computers

The Forth Generation Computer Systems project (FGCS) was an initiative by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry, begun in 1982, to create a computer using massively parallel computing/processing. It was to be the result of a massive government/industry research project in Japan during the 1980s