Music Business

Carrie Underwood has sold 65 million records! That's my job!


Being a producer is one of the most common career goal for someone looking to spend their life in music business. The employment level in 2013 was 12.1 thousand. The projected employment level for 2018 is 13.6 thousand. The employment level is increasing which is really good. The highest percent of employment for directors and producers is 54.4% with a bachelors degree. Someone that is in love with music and loves dealing with people is a good candidate for this career. Also this is a more stable career that is involved in music than being a performer.
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Albright college in Reading, Pennsylvania offers the degree that is necessary for a career in music business. Albright college has a relatively small campus. Also they offer an amazing abroad program with London and Australia. Albright college offers many extra curricular activities that deal with music. One of the groups offered is the Albright Angels and they are an a capella group on campus. A few other groups are A.C.T.S. and chamber choir.
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Music Business with combinable major in Marketing

Albright college offers a combinable major with music business. After an undergraduate degree in music business you can go on to get a masters. Shenendoah offers a masters program in music business. Some classes that are required are two 300 classes in music business, one music course at the 100, 200, or 300 level. Also many business classes are required. Anyone that loves music would be a great candidate for this major. Also people that love to deal with other people and business would be could at this.


What sort of training do you need? - Degree and experience.

What is the job outlook? - Increasing employment level.

Why do you want to go into this career? - I am in love with music and it is a more stable career than performance.

What activities and programs are offered at this school? - Albright Angels (a capella), A.C.T.S (theatre), Chamber Choir.

Why are you considering this college? - Relatively small and has an abroad program.

Where is this school located? - Reading, Pennsylvania.

What sort of schooling can follow after your bachelors in this field? - Bachelors and masters are the main degrees.

What sort of classes can you expect with this major? - Two 300 level classes in Music Business, one music course of the 100, 200, or 300 level are a few requirements.

Who should consider majoring in this? What kind of interests should one have? - Music lover, people person, and someone who loves business.