By: Veronica Roth

Figurative Language


¨It makes my blood feel like lead in my veins." pg 145

It's importan to the story/plot because it explaints to the reader how she feels.


¨I can't change the contents of the syringe just by doing it myself, but at least this way, I am the instrument of my own destruction.¨ pg 145

It is important to the story/plot because it is saying that by putting the serum into herself, if anything happens, she is the person to blame.


But instead a hysterical laugh bubbles inside me, because I just remembered something: Maybe I can't hold a gun. But I have a knife in my back pocket.

It's important to the story/plot because she found a way ro escape a situation.

Sensory Language:

It is too dark to see where we are, but if we are getting off, we are probably going to be close to the the fence. Tobias helps me to my feet and guides me toward the doorway. The others jump off one by one: Peter first, then Marcus, then Caleb. The wind picks up as we stand at the edge of the car opening, like a hand pushing me back, toward safety. pg 2

It's important to the plot/story because this is describing what it is like jumping off the train at night. It is also the part in the story when they escape from the fight and go to the Amity.


We launch ourselfs into darkness and land hard on the ground. The impact hurts the bullet wound in my shoulder. I bite my lip to keep from crying out, and search for my brother. pg 2

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