stand up for people

Peter Daines 4/5 period

develop of theme Analysis

The characters and conflict in freak the mighty helps develop the theme by showing that even if you are small does not mean you can not do big things. the characters and conflict come in when Max says "I saw you kill her I saw you kill my mother." the conflict is when killer Kane starts to coke Loretta lea. then he stops coking her and then turns to Max and then he starts to coke him. Then you can hear freak then you can see him and he is in the windowsill and Max's dad stops coking he and slowly reaches for freak but he steps backward. "Sulfuric acid" freak said "good old reliable H2SO4 ." then he shoots it into his eyes and he starts to scream. So when he is doing that max grabs freaking and start running up the stairs killer Kane at one point grabs Max's ankle but he kicks him off.Freak sands up for Max when ever he needed help.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the theme because freak is small does not mean he can not do things that are really big things like when he saves Max. The author develop the theme very well by describing how freak is brave when it comes to saving Max and Lorretta lea. My favorite part was when freak shoots killer Kane in the eyes with the mixture of water, curry powder, soap. The reason why it is my favorite part is because he saves Max and Lorretta from killer Kane. Freak might be small but he can be very brave.


In freak the mighty freak and Max become best friends. They go on adventure together one time they found a purse and went to go return the purse. freak and Max got to go to bu ton there way they run into tony D. Then after the fireworks they run into him again this time they run into the mill pond and blade (tony D.) start to throw rocks at them. Then later Max's dad came and took him to someones house and ties him up. Iggy is the leader of a motorcycle gang. He try to talk to killer Kane so that Lorretta could work on freeing Max. then Kenny Kane comes and starts to coke Lorretta then he starts to coke max. So after freak and max are home freak has to go to the hospital. In the ending of the is hen freak dies which ends the book in a sad mood.