6P News

Week of January 19, 2015

Google Classroom

Students have recently begun using Google Classroom in 6P. This is an interactive learning platform where I can assign students work, they can submit assignments, and permits for discussions about various topics as well as access to class resources and links. We are transitioning students to use this tool, which is linked to their school Gmail account, instead of relying so heavily on the classroom website. Google Classroom permits students more opportunities to interact with one another and is more user friendly for them. Despite this student transition, I will continue to update the homework page of my website daily.

Regions of the United States Research Projects

We will be spending the majority of the third quarter learning about the United States. By early February all students must be able to correctly label the 50 states on a US map. Based on pretest results, I have identified multiple students who must also learn the state capitals.

In addition to becoming familiar with the location of all US states, students have been split into groups and assigned a specific region of the United States to research. They will be completing their research by the middle of this week and will be introduced to the second portion of this project, where they will plan 'vacations' through their assigned regions. We will be using Google My Maps during this planning process and students will work to justify how specific museums, national parks, landmarks, and other attractions best represent the historic significance and available resources of their regions.

I showed the song below to students in class and challenged them to learn it, so I sincerely apologize if it has been on repeat at home.

States and Capitals Song

Tour the States - Official Music Video

Algebra Focus in Math

We have begun focusing on various algebraic concepts in math. We recently discussed writing, simplifying, and evaluating expressions and are taking some time to discuss operations with integers before we start combining like terms.

As we work through these concepts, which are completely new to most students, I will continue to update the 'parent education' page on my website with resources and will make video clips and practice problems available to students through Google Classroom.

Keyboarding Practice

As I have noticed some very scary looking typing practices in my classroom over the last week or so, I have started the students working on some keyboarding skills with a free tool. They have been able to save their typing progress by linking their practice to their school Google accounts. While I am not super concerned about their typing speed, I have discussed with them the importance of accuracy and have requested that they make sure they score a 100% on a level before they try to move ahead. The link for the practice site is below and students are encouraged to practice at home.

Scholastic Book Order

I will be placing a Scholastic book order on January 30. Students received multiple order forms for the months of January and February over the last week or so. The link to oder online, should you desire to do so, is https://orders.scholastic.com/L3RJB

Bonnie Pollock

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