Fanshawe College

campus services

What Fanshawe Has To Offer

Fanshawe College located in London has a number of campus services. They offer things from health services, to security, and even chaplain services.

Every Campus Service

Health service (pharmacy, medical clinic), Campus security (general & emergency service, first aid, video survelance system, connections with London police, on and off campus housing, transportation, parking, and lockers, chaplain, food, retail services, learning centres and the library.

First Nations Centre

Fanshawe College offers a first nations centre where they provide academic, social, cultural, and recreational services. they first opened in 1976 with 72 students. the centre has grown so much that Fanshawe has put in a new study lounge, more advanced computers, and extra office area. there are classes that they can take, and people they can go to for advice, and it is an amazing place for first status, and non status first nations people.
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Campus Recreation

Fanshawe has the largest college campus recreation program in ontario. they offer non competitive sports where you could join teams, or play as a free agent. they offer a number of sports including woman only league's, and all 3 of Fanshawe gyms are open to students.

Learning Centre

Fanshawe has a learning centre where if students have trouble with homework, or studying. there are group classes, and even individual tutors that are available to you.

Electromechanical engineering technician

the electromechanical engineering technician studys electrical and mechanical principles, which will allow you to analize, modify, maintain, and repair electromechanical systems. you will also learn project management skills, and the ins and outs of mechanical prints, tolerances, and the mechanical nuances of a system, along with automation, robotics and controls. you will also study reason and writing to expand on communication skills.