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Joan of Arc : I can hear voices

Biographical InfoName/Nickname - Jeanne d'Arc / The Maid of Orleans Location - Domremy Duchy of Bar , Kingdom of France January 6 ,1412Personality - Intelligent , tactical , Brave , Confident , Voung Conflicts/Battless - Battle of Sluys , Battle of Lammeur ,Quimperle  , Battle of CalaisEvents - In May 1428 Joan had visions that told her to find the true king of France and help him reclaim his throne from the British.Her military victories from February 23, 1429, to May 23, 1430, brought Charles VII to the throne. In 1431 she was tried as a heretic by a bishop who was a supporter of the British. She was found guilty and order to be burned at the stakeQuote - "One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it."Unusual Facts - She had thought that she was hearing god's voice , and slaped her soldiers when they cursedImportance -