Amber Irvine's dream vacation

Venice Facts:

I would like to go to Venice it is located in Italy. The reason I would like to go to Venice is because of its great characteristics and beautiful features. Venice also has amazing beverages and food.

  • originated during the mid 400's
  • Has 118 Islands
  • There is 170 bell towers
  • 177 canals
  • over 400 bridges
  • Divided by quarters, there are six altogether
  • The grand canal is the regions largest
  • San Marco is 275 feet tall
  • The grand canal is the regions largest
  • Has 350 gondolas


It will take 13 hours on plane to get from Willis, Texas to Venice, Italy.

It is 5,515 miles from Willis to Venice

I will probably take my mom, dad, brother and my best friend Angel Rose Schave.

I will have to travel by plane because you have to go over the North Atlantic Ocean to get to Venice.

I will stay for 2 weeks to enjoy the scenery.


I will stay at a hotel called B&B San Marco

The hotel costs $79 a night for 3 rooms.

All the bedrooms have canal views.

It is located next to St Mark's Square.

I will pack all my toiletries such as shampoo, hairspray, conditioner and etc.

I will also pack clothes and I will bring my 5 kittens (Rosie,Peanut, Smokey Jr., Micheal Angelo, and Socks.


Total- $3504

Lodging- $1106

Spending money- $70

Food- I will eat at La Zucca and I will order pumpkin soup. Price around $40 dollars.

Airfare- $2288


I will visit the Grand Canal on a boat tour to see the beautiful waters.

I will also do a photography tour to take pictures of the amazing scenery.

I might also go to St Marks Square which is only 5 minutes away from my hotel.

My destination provides the chance to see different cultures and religions while getting to enjoy new and exciting things.

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