My life as a Rock


Hello there my name is Jim and I'm going to go through the story of my life with you, oh and by the way did I mention that I'm a rock.

Childhood- Sediments

Growing up I started out my life as a pile of sediments but before you're sediments you have to become sediment somehow and I became sediments by erosion breaking me down into little pieces of rock. After I eroded I stayed as sediments for 10,000 until I became a sedimentary rock.

Teenage Years- Sedimentry Rock

After being sediments I turned into a sedimentary rock. I got turned into a sedimentary rock by getting buried underneath layers and layers of sediments we all got compacted together for a very long time (10,000 years for me to be exact) and finally created a sedimentary rock. I stayed as a sedimentary rock for 11,000 years until I turned into a Metamorphic Rock.

Adult Hood- Metamorphic Rock

After being a sedimentary rock tectonic plates crashed together pushing me deep down under the crust applying pressure and when I got pushed deep down under the crust I was put down by magma which heat me up so both of those together applied heat and pressure making me a metamorphic rock. I stayed as a metamorphic rock for 1,000 years.

Middle Years- Magma

After being a metamorphic rock I was still by the magma so I melted enough so that I finally turned into magma. I stayed as magma for a little while until I turned into a igneous rock.

Senior- Igneous

After being magma tectonic plates crashed together pushing up the magma (me) onto the ground, after that I cooled down and formed a igneous rock.

Here are some of the stages of rocks that I have been through