Henry Allen

January 7, 1908 - April 17, 1967

The Jazz Trumpeter

Henry Allen was a Jazz trumpeter, born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Henry made huge contributions to the Harlem Renaissance, in terms of music.Henry Allen was a member Henry Allen, born January 7, 1908, was a famous Jazz trumpeter. He was a member of multiple bands, including: Luis Russell's band (1927), Fletcher Henderson's band (1933-1934), and Mill Blue Rhythm Band (1934-1937). Henry Allen affected his community by spreading the influence of jazz music, releasing many songs over the years of his music career. If Henry Allen wasn't born, the world would be affected because some of the greatest jazz hits wouldn't exist without him.

I've learned from Henry Allen how to stay passionate about stuff. Even before he died, Henry Allen continued to play and spread his love for music.

April 17, 1967, Henry passed on due to pancreatic cancer in New York City, leaving behind a wife and a son (Henry Allen III). Before passing away, he had continued to play music, showing his passion and love for it.

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Henry 'Red' Allen with Alex Welsh - Rosetta (1964)