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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - September 26


I hosted three people at Lakeview this week that are not part of our staff, and ALL of them stepped inside our school and immediately recognized the culture we have built. The pride in our facilities, the way people greet each other, and the way we converse with each other shines to these people.

Here's a great example of this culture that our outsiders could not see this week: The dialogue that about half of our staff had on Wednesday afternoon about the Collaborative Project (see below) is the type and style of conversation that truly makes Lakeview a great place to learn. We LuV impact at LV!


Something happened this week, and it was palpable. It happened Wednesday morning to be exact and just continues. I was going room to room and we just felt more settled. Students focusing on learning, adults commenting that they were more relaxed, students excited about Golden Lions in the office. This is a result of consistent, high expectations. Thank you. The cumulative impact of the time you are spending now to ensure 100% engagement will pay off.

Collaborative Project Meeting from 9/25

On Wednesday, instead of our regularly scheduled staff meeting, the 2-5 staff began learning about our Co-llaborative Project, a district-wide project focused on adult collaboration that brings services to students through co-creating, co-planning, co-instructing, and co-assessing. The meeting also included Leo Eckman, Jill Z, Abbey A, Maddie S, and Rachel S.

Although this project directly impacts the people that were in the meeting, I want everyone to know about our work. We spent most of our time together talking about our beliefs about students and the "Why" of inclusive practice. We realized that a first step is that all staff involved with a student should understand the IEP. We also realized that this project is not just about Special Education - it is about a clear understanding of a guaranteed and viable Universal Curriculum as well.

Here is a link to the slides we used. Please feel free to read my notes below each slide for some explanation. I encourage everyone to look at the slides - especially slide 8 about beliefs.

Below are 3 pictures of the Q&A that took place as part of our discussion (thank you, Rachel, for the posters below).

9/27 PD Day Info

Link to schedule for the day - everyone starts at 7:30 a.m.

For those going to Rawson in the morning, bring your charged tablet, laptop, and Math Unit 1 Teacher book.

For those going to Blakewood in the morning, bring a writing sample from each student (such as baseline prompts).

The entire afternoon is at Lakeview. Almost everyone has teacher work time from 12-2. A few of us will be at the district office during that time for a different training session.

From 2:15-4:00, our building level Trauma-Sensitive Schools team will meet in the library. This team includes Brianne, Amy, Craig, Sarah H, Sam M, Jenn B, Sarah W, and Therese H.

During this time, everyone else that is not part of the building level TSS team will complete a TSS module and discussion using this guide.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, Sept 27 - PD Day (no students)

Brewer's Day - whichever day the Brewer's end up playing!

Wednesday, Oct 9 - Sunshine Taco Bar lunch

Oct 9 & 10 - Conferences from 4-8 p.m.

Oct 11 - No school

Oct 18 - Grandparent's Day 9 a.m.

MAP Reports

Thank you, everyone, for completing MAP testing. Here is what we will do with reports:

• The office will print all reports, attach a letter, and compile them for your classroom

• Teachers will hand out the reports during conferences (we are not sending home ahead of time).

As you always would at conferences, you are discussing student strengths and most pressing needs. Please fit the MAP data into that conversation as you see most appropriate. For one conversation, MAP may take up a greater share of time than at another. Families need to be fully aware of this data in order to be partners with us. It is helpful to point out to families that 50%tile is not "on grade level" and that we need their help to ensure growth for every child. Feel free to also pull up the student profile report on the NWEA website to look at trends over time. That is a very powerful page for families to see.

Bullying or Not?

We know the word "bullying" gets used incorrectly in many contexts. Helping students (and families) understand the distinction between what I call a "mean moment" and what constitutes "bullying" is important. Here's an article about just that.

I think step 3 in the article is great - when you see bullying behavior, name it and address it with the student with some data to back up your position. The example in the article is "Joe, this is the 3rd time I've seen you push Andy out of the way." We deal with patterns of behavior. Try using this language with students - "I've noticed a pattern" and then explain the pattern. At the end of conversations like this, tell the student "I'm going to write down that we talked about this pattern on [insert date] so that if we need to talk again, we understand that this should have already stopped."

Structural Items

Link to this week's family newsletter

Can you help? Sue Hirthe has a rug in good shape, but is looking to trade for a "plainer" rug. If you are interested, please see Sue.

Conference Schedules - when your conference schedule is complete, please put a copy in my mailbox so I can look through and attend as needed. If there are any you would like me to attend, please let me know as well.

Annual required forms in Skyward - Please log into Skyward this weekend (if you haven't already) to read and check off district forms. See the email from Jessica Hess, sent on 9/20, for more info. This is for every employee.

Email lists - In an effort to reduce emails, here are some things to know:

• If your email can wait for the Friday newsletter, send it to me and I will include it.

• The "Lakeview Staff" list includes everyone at Lakeview (teachers, paras, secretaries, Jeff). The "Lakeview Teachers" list includes certified staff. Please choose appropriately. Do not send to both groups.

Morning health room visits - We're getting a whole bunch of "I have a headache" visits during nutrition break and in the first part of the morning. Can I ask everyone to please try the parent thing where you just suggest to students "Have some water and let's see how it is in 30 minutes." Sometimes, all students need is some water, food, and time and they forget about it.