Mohammad Milad,s Career!!!

Competition brings out the best in products and worst in man

Who I am ?

My learning styles are Interpersonal, Intarpersonal, and Naturalistic.My skills are above Normal, and my Active Listening, Complex Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking. And my interests are

Investigative, Realistic, and Social.

What i think we need to think about these stuff are because we may not get the job because we don't have the skills and stuff, or we may not like the job,etc.

Where am i going?

Hospital time!!

The median salary is +$90.00 and +$187,000.The cluster is Health science.and the job outlook is 18% more than average.and the work enviroment Physicians and surgeons held about 691,400 jobs in 2012. Many physicians work in private offices or clinics, often with administrative and healthcare personnel.And the interesting fact about was Physicians and surgeons work in one or more of several specialties.

How did i get there?

I might attend a college in Springdale near rogers and fayetteville.I want to go there because its the nearest to me and i want to go in a big college not in a small one.Because the small ones dont usally have the stuff and tell you less information.I will need a doctoral deegree for my carrer.The name is synergytech.$7,789 per year.I hope to get scolarships thar makes my college free and the ones that you get for a good grade.