Professional Development

February 20, 2017; 8:00-4:00


8:00-8:30-Light Breakfast @ Wyatt

8:30-10:30-Meet with Like Campus Grade Levels @ Wyatt

11:00-1:00-Lunch with Your Team Debriefing Like Campus Meetings

1:00-TELPAS Calibration for those teachers involved with giving TELPAS (meet with Andi)

1:00-Lesson Planning for non-TELPAS teachers

4:00-Dismissal Time

*Schools participating-Skaggs, Wyatt, Mathews, Andrews, Bethany and Centennial

Notes for the Day

  • Show up BEFORE 8:30 so you are ready when the session begins.
  • Plan to carpool as parking is limited.
  • Remember to set an example by collaborating and not complaining!
  • Please participate in the discussion and keep an open mind.
  • Plan to attend lunch with your team to debrief. Plan your destination ahead of time.
  • Write AT LEAST one idea you gained from your like campus meeting. You will need to catch any teammates up that are involved in TELPAS.

Suggested Topics for Fifth Grade -- Review And Ponder Before Monday, February 20th

  • Immigration Simulation, Colonial Days, Wax Museum, Decades Fair... which ones, if any, are you doing at your campuses? Do you have other special days you could share ideas about?
  • Any bright ideas on how to combine SS and Reading/LA and NOT get behind??
  • Science STAAR Prep, I/E Time and how to use it effectively
  • What type of daily schedule do you have that allows you to incorporate reading, LA, and SS in one block? How do keep up with the timeline?
  • daily grades (how many, what, how it's graded), LASS integration, advanced math (not Rocks)
  • Guided Reading
  • Differentiation in Math
  • Novel study
  • Intervention strategies
  • How to use guided reading strategies to aid in math word problem comprehension
  • Technology and other ENRICHMENT Suggestions for IE time when teachers are working with Tier 2 students - particularly in the areas of Reading and LA.
  • what activities do you do with ESL kids when not in pullout if they are very limited English? Any suggestions for good resources other than ESL teacher?
  • How do you handle tutoring for kids who need tutoring in multiple subjects so they aren't extending their school days many times a week?
  • Any good technology activities that have been done to enhance learning?
  • Good beneficial websites?
  • 1) social studies/language arts integration. 2) impact of poverty on learning and strategies to remap the brain for learning for these students
  • Differentiation - what to use for those kids who are ready to take it to the next level.
  • Differentiation for gifted learners
  • Organized and accessible subject-based level-appropriate materials and activities for the increasing population of ESL students
  • More advanced yet closely related curriculum for students who show mastery of an entire Envision unit's concepts versus random enrichment assignments.