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Volume 1 / Issue 8: Tips, Tools and Resources

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Guided Reading Indicators: Click link for the full resource

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Conferring with Partnerships and Clubs

Click the link below to register for this free event. Even if you can't attend that day, it is good to sign up because then they usually send you a link to the archived session that you can watch at your own time.

Tech Tip: Confer in Seesaw

In Seesaw, create folders for Reading, Writing and Math. While you're conferring with students try recording your conference in Seesaw. This will create digital portfolio for that student that has data of how they have been doing in that subject. This is great data to share with the parents.

How to add and use folders in Seesaw



Take a picture of the page and record their voice reading. Play it back to them, so that they can hear what they sound like. See if they notice anything they missed.

Take a video of the students reading if there are multiple pages. Feel free to leave any feedback that you give the student in the video. This allows the student and the parent to hear it back.


Take a picture each week of something that the student is writing. It could even be part of a longer writing piece. This will show their growth.

Have students take a picture of their writing and then record themselves reading their writing. This will help them practice with enunciation, tone, inflection.


Have students take a video or picture of their math problem. Have students record their math reasoning.

Have other students watch each other's math reasoning, so they can see other strategies.

Management tips:

1:1 device users: Have students bring their iPad with them and open up Seesaw. They will automatically be logged in, so then you can just record.

Non 1:1 device users: Use the ios app on your iPhone to record students. Easily select the student you want tagged in the post.

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Building a Mathematical Mindset Community in Your Classroom and School

Create a math wall for your school site. Allow students to contribute their answers throughout the week by using a Google Form or even a post-it.

Link to Tweet below (via @jackenn27)

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#ObserveMe: A Challenge from Robert Kaplinsky

A teacher who doesn’t collaborate works on an isolated island. When this lack of collaboration permeates an entire school, teachers more closely resemble independent contractors than colleagues. I’m growing increasingly concerned that this is becoming more, and not less, common.

Consider the highly shared and liked tweet below from Heather Kohn. At a very collaborative school, the signs on this teacher’s door would be entirely unremarkable. They would be the norm where observations and constructive feedback are commonplace. No sign would be necessary.

Click here to read the rest of this article.

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Keepin' It Real

We recently switched Micah over to a big boy bed. I, with tears filled in my eyes, told him that he would now be sleeping in a big boy bed and no more Micah crib. He very bluntly responded with, "Okay."