American Imperialism


America tried to keep out European powers as much as possible. The sugar growers were also helped out a lot by the U.S. other than the time they were being undersold and a depression swept the island. Hawaii had a bad tariff problem and the farmers thought if the island was annexed then the tariff would be gone. The throne was taken over by Queen Liliuokalani who thought the islands problems was because of foreign interference. The farmers threw an uprising and asked for Marine help from the U.S. They stormed the island and later annexed it.

Puerto Rico

America was expanding, the economy was doing well, industries were booming and new land was needed. America started taking smaller territories and Puerto Rico was a perfect option. It was small and very close to the U.S.But, Spain was in control of the Island at the time. Early 1898 an American Navy ship exploded in Havana and the U.S. was quick to blame Spain. The used it for an excuse for war. So July 25, 1998 U.S. troops invaded Puerto Rico. It was U.S. Capitalism in full effect.