How to be an Academic Proofreader

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How to be an Academic Proofreader

Academic proofreading as a specialist area within the editorial industry has become highly important. Academic writing in general has been flourishing, this is as more and more people around the world embark upon research and scholarly work. As English is now increasingly the chosen language for publishing academic work, this allows academics to share their research and obtain a large global audience. However, with this grows the need for academic proofreading, as for many academics English is not their first language. Therefore academic proofreading as a profession is a growing one and there is a demand for highly qualified academic proofreaders.

To be an academic proofreader you first need to meet some basic criteria. You need to have a relevant qualification within a relevant subject area, this is because if you are going to specialise in one academic area it is imperative that you are qualified in that area. It is also important to have experience writing, whether it is essay writing or journal publications.

If you are confident that you have the necessary skills and experience to work in academic proofreading then first you need to compose a list of all the proofreading services that you are thinking of applying to. Many academic proofreading services will have an in-house team and will also use external freelance proofreaders who they will want to carefully scrutinise before selecting. Therefore it is important that you do your research properly about each particular company. Some academic proofreading services will have different selection criteria and may want different things so it is a good idea to select the company’s that will best suit you.

When you have your list of academic proofreading services the next step is to apply, start by attaching your CV, and make sure that you have updated and included the most recent version of your CV with your most recent experience. You will also want to write an individual, specific covering letter for each proofreading service that you are applying to. Academic proofreading services have very high and strict standards, therefore you will want to demonstrate your strengths and all the relevant skills for being an academic proofreader. Lastly, and most importantly make sure you thoroughly proofread your cover letter and CV so that there are no mistakes the last thing you want is for there to be errors which will definitely make a bad impression and ultimately go against you! Then wait for them to get back to you, you may also want to give them a call after a week if they have not got back to you, just to get an update on your application.

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