Don't do drugs


People need to stop using drugs

About 1.5 million people are doing drugs, and they actually like them. So we need to stand up and make people stop. By making people stop how would you do it? Maybe help people stop using them. Tell people to stop using drugs in the bad way. Tell people to stop making drugs. sue the people who makes drugs because it’s hurting people’s life’s. You could just stay away from them.
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Why people take drugs

People take drugs to relax themselves. People also use them to get more and more mad. Also they need to have confidence by using drugs. (confidence: to stop worrying about things.) People sometimes want to get addicted to drugs. People use marijuana for much the same reasons they use alcohol to relax and experience a slight alternated state of consciousness. People who abuse medication can get addicted just as easily as if they were using street drugs.
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I am going to talk about my mom who does drugs. For about my whole life my mom has done drugs. So one day my mom tried drugs for the first time, and kept using them. So she got addicted to drugs, so that means she won't stop and I am 10 years old and about to turn 11, so she has been doing drugs for about 11 years, and today she is still doing them, and that’s why you shouldn’t do drugs, they will really hurt you.
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5 questions:

1 Why do people do drugs? 2 Why do people like drugs? 3 Do people actually take drugs to just be dizzy? 4 Do people actually take drugs to act different? 5 When people get addicted to drugs do they actually like them when they're taking them?