Author:Masashi Kishimoto By:Annalise Satterfield Block:3rd

The setting

Naruto Usamaki,a 16 year old ninja starts his new training with Lord Jiraiya,the Toad Sage.But then Naruto's training is interrupted by the one and Itachi Uchiha.He tries to kill Naruto but then something snaps in him and a powerful beast comes out.The nine tails fox.
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the nine tails fox demon.


Naruto and Itachi leap off into battle using all of their jutsu the can muster. Sadly,Itachi is in the lead.Can Naruto do anything to beat Itachi?

rising action

Naruto then finds out what he can do.He uses his summoning jutsu.Suddenly Chief toad pops up!Then Naruto uses toad blade cut.
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Naruto strikes with all of his might but Itachi blocks it with his sharnigan. Naruto transforms into the Nine Tails fox Beast.Now nobody,even Itachi can not defeat him now.
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falling action

Naruto uses the Nine Tail's power to fill up his charkra. Naruto attacks his opponent.Naruto is so fast that Itachi could not block or dodge his attack.Then Naruto uses rasingan, the wind technique.
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Finally the rasengan was probably to much for Itachi cause the powerful justu killed him instantly.Naruto had saved his village.Now he is the hero of Leaf village in the Land of Fire.
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Character traits

Naruto Usamaki :Yellow hair,leaf headband,lines on his cheek's.

Action :Killed Itachi Uchiha.

Speech :You will not destroy my village.

Thought :How can I kill this guy?