Newsletter for November 26th-30th!

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This Weeks Sight Words


1. my

2. try

3. put

4. two

5. by

***Your child will be tested on both reading and writing these sight words.

What We're Learning This Week!

Math: We are learning how recognize units of ten and break apart tens to help us add!

Fundations: This week we will begin learning about the glued sounds: ang, ing, ong, ung.

Reading: Please continue to read with your child nightly and have them practice reading their sight words.Reading daily will help increase your child's vocabulary as well as helping them become a more fluent reader.

Writing: This week we will begin learning about nouns!

Important Dates and Upcoming Events!

November 19: PTO @ 5:30

November 21-23: Thanksgiving Break!

November 29: Awards Assembly @ 3 PM

Little Reminder

Coach Hagedorn would like to remind families that the students need to please wear or bring tennis shoes for PE on their assigned days. Without tennis shoes they may not be able to participate in activities.


i-Ready log in's have been sent home. This gives your child the opportunity to practice their math skills at home. If you are needing another log in please contact your child's teacher.


North Park is a PBIS school. What that means is that we support students with positive language and expectations. We reward students, classrooms and building for putting forth their best effort, being responsible and respectful. As we return to school, we will review lessons to remind students of the expectations!


Please make sure we can put your child in your vehicle on the side of the car toward the sidewalk and building please, for their safety. We try to block two way traffic with loading, but occasionally someone slips through. We want all children placed in cars quickly and safely.

Please do not get out of your cars to walk students to the door while in the valet line in the morning! This slows traffic down. You are welcome to walk your child to the door or into the building, but please use the parking lot south of the school to park and walk them to the school. Thank you!

Smart Snacks

Click on the Smart Snacks button in order to view a list of healthy snacks to send with your child.


Please write your child's name or initials on the tag or their winter coat, hats, gloves, etc. It is getting cold and we need these items for recess and dismissal but sometimes we have matching coats, hats, and gloves and it makes knowing what goes to who very hard.

Thanks for everything you do at home!