Egg Harbor Township High School

Week of February 2, 2020


Students of the Week

STUDENT: Noel Boucher


Noel shows tremendous leadership and kindness as she is a student helper in our Adapted Physical Education class. She is always willing to come in and help our students with disabilities in our activity. Her ability to be kind to each of the students hopefully will propel her into a career in education.

STUDENT: Sebastian Giron Bernal


Sebastian has become an integral part of the classroom. He shows immense compassion and maturity by independently helping students who are finding challenges in the classroom. He shows leadership and has become an amazing role model by going to these students, after instruction has occurred, and explains to them, using multiple modalities, to engage them in the lesson. Sebastian has increased the positive classroom environment which does not only effect the students that he is helping, but the whole class. Sebastian's actions speak volumes.

Congratulations Mock Trial!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2020 Atlantic County Mock Trial Champions! For the first time in our schools history, Egg Harbor Township has captured the title defeating Mainland Regional High School. Congratulations Legal Eagles!!!
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Environmental Classes Practice Engineering Skills

Mrs. Delaney’s Environmental classes put on their engineering hats trying to design a structure to drop a ping pong ball into a cup. This was a simulation designed to replicate putting a cap on an oil leak under water . This was after the students learned about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico during their energy unit .

Honors Biology Board Games

Mrs. Carmella's HN Biology students ended the second marking period by creating board games that included details of the process of cellular respiration. The students were able to play each game, which served as a great review of the material before their benchmark exams. Prizes for the winners in round of each game included cookies, candy, brownies, and their famous garlic knots.

TechTogether Boston

Last weekend (1/31-2/2) six of Mr. Swift's Computer Science students attended TechTogether Boston, an all female, femme and nonbinary hackathon. Their team of Samantha Phung, Sophia Rodriguez, Julie Chen, Ruby Lieu and Karen Nguyen competed against 40 other teams in the category Best Social Good Hack and won. Their hack was a website they designed using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and JQuery. The main purpose of the site was to spread awareness about the importance of taking time for yourself and stepping away from stress and pressure. The girls created the website to help others alleviate tension and improve their mental health. Isabella Zhang went to the event and attended workshops provided by the hackathon.
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Check out the January edition of The Communicator below


Industrial Arts and STEAM Programs Present at AAMS

High School teachers presented to Alder students yesterday to showcase our Industrial Arts and STEAM programs during career and technical education month. I believe it was well received by the students. I appreciate the time all of theteachers took to put the presentations together. We'll do it again at Fernwood next week!

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National School Counseling Week February 3-7

More information, as well as many ways we can honor our school counselors, can be found at the link below.

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Mr. Bell and Mr. Walter - thank you so much!!! #feelinthelove #ehtpride

*The guidance department actually had nothing to do with the making of this video ❤️ #thatmuchmorespecial

Click on the pictures below for some great videos of our counselors!!
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Save the Date

Les Mis Meeting Announcement
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Our "Neighborhood"

"It's a beautiful day in EHT.. a lovely day in EHT!" Check out what's coming to our "neighborhood" and share it today! Online registrations available NOW . (Nice work, Heenan & Mullen). #ehtpride #ehtclassof2033 #embrace #engage #educate #kindergarten
Kindergarten Registration at EHT Schools


February 13, 2020


High School Auditorium


February 14, 2020


Sponsored by Key Club


High School Gymnasium

February 21, 2020


Sponsored by FBLA


High School Gymnasium

February 26, 2020

PSAT for 10th Grade Students




Mr. Michael J. Pellegrino

Supervisor of Athletics and Activities

Telephone: (609) 653-1804 Fax: (609) 653-0335



Girls Placed 2nd in the first year of Team Scoring in the CAL Swimming Team Championship Meet

Boys Placed 1st in the first year of Team Scoring in the CAL Swimming Team Championship Meet


The freshman team ended the week undefeated after playing away games at both Cherokee and ACIT. On Monday, the freshman girls battled it out against Cherokee, winning in overtime with a score of 33-27. Kara Wilson led the team with 15 points, followed by Raghd Mahmoud and Eva Derbyshire with 6 a piece. On Tuesday, the girls beat ACIT with a score of 44-7. Raghd Mahmoud led the team with 16 points, followed by Maddie Eye with 14. Eva Derbyshire added 10. Current Record: 5-0


Friday 1/31

EHT defeated Cedar Creek 44-42. EHT was led in scoring by freshmen Amelia Zinckgraf who finished with 10 points.

Saturday 2/1

EHT lost to Absegami 47-36. EHT was led in scoring by Jayla Perdomo who finished with 8 points.

Tuesday 2/4

EHT was defeated by ACIT 52-26. Lauren Baxter finished with 9 points to lead the Eagles.

Thursday 2/6

EHT got back on the winning track defeating Vineland 41-23. Lauren Baxter led EHT with 18 points.


​Freshman boys basketball is now 5-9 with two back to back wins against Mainland and ACIT. Against Mainland, RIchy Ortiz led the way offensively! Against ACIT, Ethan Miral led all scorers and Trevor Bishop was also in double digits scoring.


​The boys varsity team lost a tough game against rival Mainland last Friday, January 31 49-55. The Eagles were led by Ethan Dodd and Dean Germann.

The boys returned to the win column on Saturday in the second part of a girls and boys double header against Absegami winning 62-40. The Eagles were led by Carlos Lopez, Dean Germann, and Ethan Dodd.

This past Tuesday, the boys were able to beat a tough ACIT team at home 55-48. The boys were led in scoring by Carlos Lopez with 21 points.

The Eagles look to end the week strong against Vineland Thursday night on the road.


Egg Harbor Twp

2019-2020 Wrestling Match Results

Team Record 7 wins and 19 lost

Last Dual Meet of the Season

Senior Night – Friday – February 7, 2020 – Home against Central Regional – JV start time 5:00pm with Varsity to follow.

Wrestling Results (Northern Burlington ( Columbus) 63.0 Egg Harbor 10.0) - Varsity

160: Jamie Lovenduski (NBC) over James Tucker (EGHA) (Fall 1:59) 170: Maxx Gillen (NBC) over Kevin Adams (EGHA) (Fall 1:44) 182: Brandon Rzuczek (NBC) over Matthew Marshall (EGHA) (Fall 0:24) 195: Tyler Nevil (NBC) over (EGHA) (For.) 220: Patrick Evanko (NBC) over Matthew Mansour (EGHA) (Fall 1:11) 285: Jule Dolci (NBC) over Juan Carlos Delgado Lopez (EGHA) (Dec 5-2) 106: James Koonce (NBC) over Antonio Delano (EGHA) (Fall 5:48) 113: Sean Dever (EGHA) over Kyle Hill (NBC) (Fall 1:49) 120: Blake Geibel (NBC) over Vincent Faldetta (EGHA) (Fall 1:58) 126: Jack Rosta (NBC) over Amaz Malik (EGHA) (Fall 4:47) 132: David Geibel (NBC) over Hector Reyes (EGHA) (Dec 6-2) 138: Joseph Glynn (EGHA) over Christian Leonelli (NBC) (MD 18-7) 145: Caleb Evans (NBC) over Michael Brito (EGHA) (Dec 12-7) 152: Alexander Reyes (NBC) over Victor Nguyen (EGHA) (Fall 0:54)

Wrestling Results (Highland Regional H.S. 55.0 Egg Harbor 21.0) – Varsity

152: James Tucker (EGHA) over Shawn Chando (HRHS) (Fall 4:18) 160: Jurius Clark (HRHS) over (EGHA) (For.) 170: Kevin Adams (EGHA) over (HRHS) (For.) 182: Tre` (John) Seaman (HRHS) over Matthew Marshall (EGHA) (Fall 0:37) 195: Naim El (HRHS) over (EGHA) (For.) 220: Josh Ortiz (HRHS) over Matthew Mansour (EGHA) (Fall 1:29) 285: Elijah Wilson (HRHS) over Juan Carlos Delgado Lopez (EGHA) (Fall 4:22) 106: Nick Aquilino (HRHS) over Antonio Delano (EGHA) (Dec 6-4) 113: Sean Dever (EGHA) over (HRHS) (For.) 120: Vincent Faldetta (EGHA) over Krishon Davis (HRHS) (Dec 7-2) 126: Jon Prendergast (HRHS) over Amaz Malik (EGHA) (Fall 1:52) 132: Matt Hoelke (HRHS) over Joseph Glynn (EGHA) (Fall 1:44) 138: Adam Aquilino (HRHS) over Hector Reyes (EGHA) (MD 17-5) 145: Brett Buckingham (HRHS) over Michael Brito (EGHA) (Fall 0:30)

Wrestling Results (Egg Harbor 54.0 Atlantic City 9.0) – Varsity

145: Victor Nguyen (EGHA) over (ATCI) (For.) 152: James Tucker (EGHA) over (ATCI) (For.) 160: Double Forfeit 170: Michel St Juste (ATCI) over Kevin Adams (EGHA) (Dec 7-4) 182: Matthew Marshall (EGHA) over Fidel Johnson (ATCI) (Fall 1:03) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Matthew Mansour (EGHA) over (ATCI) (For.) 285: Juan Carlos Delgado Lopez (EGHA) over (ATCI) (For.) 106: Chase Calhoun (ATCI) over Antonio Delano (EGHA) (Fall 0:27) 113:

Double Forfeit 120: Vincent Faldetta (EGHA) over Kyle Graybill (ATCI) (Fall 1:24) 126: Amaz Malik (EGHA) over (ATCI) (For.) 132: Hector Reyes (EGHA) over (ATCI) (For.) 138: Michael Brito (EGHA) over (ATCI) (For.)

Wrestling Results (Cherry Hill West 50.0 Egg Harbor 25.0) – Varsity

Cherry Hill West @ Egg Harbor on 02/05/2020. 120: Brandon Drea (CHW) over Vincent Faldetta (EGHA) (Fall 1:53) 126: Michael Ummarino (CHW) over Amaz Malik (EGHA) (Fall 1:28) 132: Nicholas Faldetta (EGHA) over Jaden Reyes (CHW) (MD 14-0) 138: Hector Reyes (EGHA) over Kayne Dixon (CHW) (Fall 4:58) 145: John Howe (CHW) over Michael Brito (EGHA) (Fall 2:50) 152: Tyler Edwards (CHW) over James Tucker (EGHA) (Fall 2:55) 160: Sean Higgins (CHW) over Micah Bird (EGHA) (MD 11-3) 170: Nicholas Papaneri (CHW) over Kevin Adams (EGHA) (MD 9-1) 182: Quadeer Smith (CHW) over Matthew Marshall (EGHA) (Fall 1:37) 195: Peter Owens (CHW) over Andrew Dawson (EGHA) (Fall 1:05) 220: Arlind Papraniku (CHW) over Matthew Mansour (EGHA) (Fall 1:09) 285: Juan Carlos Delgado Lopez (EGHA) over Michael Cilurso (CHW) (Dec 2-0) 106: Antonio Delano (EGHA) over (CHW) (For.) 113: Sean Dever (EGHA) over Josh Williams (CHW) (Fall 2:41


BOYS BOWLING – Alex Pieretti


WINTER CHEER – Katherine Fulcher



BOYS SWIMMING – Winchester Ployratana


WRESTLING – Antonio Delano

BOYS WINTER TRACK – ​Chris Garofalo


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You can always find a full listing of athletic events here;